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       So every week I’ll try to post about a different restaurant or coffee shop I love and this week’s choice is Gracias Madre in West Hollywood. Im a foodie at heart, I just love discovering unique places to eat so I decided to share one of my favorite spots. Gracias Madre is Mexican cuisine made vegan style, I know right? Where did this come from? Being Mexican myself I was intrigued right away…

I had heard about this place a while ago but hadn’t gotten around to it since there’s so many places to visit in LA. For this one though, you need to find the time to stop by because its delicious! Driving by I must admit I almost past it, but once I got inside this place had my full attention. The spanish decor with its white walls, high ceilings, wooden floors and greens hanging everywhere creates a fresh and captivating environment. The outdoor patio takes up a large portion of the restaurant and its just as beautiful as the inside. There’s a fireplace and also a second bar which I found very convenient since this place is always rather full. Walking to my table I realized how every table is carefully designed to make you feel as if you have your own little nook where you can comfortably catch up with friends and enjoy yourself; I really loved that. So far I was every impressed with this place but I was still a little nervous about the food… Im not vegan! I enjoy almost every type of food, especially a nice steak so I wasn’t sure what to expect but after hearing our server’s recommendation I decided to order “Bowl Two” and I have to say I was very happy with what I got! The dish consisted of romaine lettuce, brown rice, black beans, tempeh chorizo, guacamole, pico de gallo & cashew crema. Personally I didn’t feel like it lacked in flavor which I often find it happens with vegan food, so I was very pleased. The only thing I regret is not having the chance to order a drink because as always I still have to drive back to Newport, but they looked like a dreamy vacation! Next time Im not leaving without trying one.

I always find it interesting to try a new place, I believe it adds a breath of fresh air to your busy week and Gracias Madre was just what I needed! The food was great, so was the service and most of all the decor! I live for that;) And if all vegan food tasted this good I would adopt the lifestyle in a heartbeat! But its hardly ever the case, so you’ll see me write on a great variety of places in the future. For now I’ll leave you with these pictures I took…

gracias madre entrance


outdoor patio


What did you think? If you decide to try it out I’d love to hear your thoughts! Did you hate it? Love it? Feel free to comment below;)

Thanks for reading!

Love, Erika

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  1. Great post and lovely pictures! When we went to Gracias Madre, it was raining and they ended up closing off their patio. I need to go back during the day to really appreciate the restaurant. 🙂

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