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       A few weeks ago I came across a brand called Toni, they have beautiful leather goods (I especially love their clutches) and they are based here in LA. As I was going through their Instagram account I noticed something exciting… they did workshops! As you may know by now, Im constantly looking for new things to do and I’ve never worked with leather before so of course I signed up right away.

The workshop took place yesterday at Clark & Madison pop up shop in LA who they had partnered with for the event. I went with my friend Karen and as usual we were the first ones there, my excitement cant ever be controlled. As soon as we walk in the door Toni walks right up to us and greets us by name, we’ve never met before so it took me of guard but I felt it was such a nice gesture! for her to know each and every person attending her class made me feel very welcomed and got me eager to get started. While we waited for others to arrive we decided to explore the store and being a Fashion Merchandising student I was in love with their visual displays. Clark and Madison describe their brand as Adventure in Style and it really is! Displays went from a beautifully handcrafted hammock to a teepee tent in the back and so many unique and interesting items in between that I was floating on inspiration. Soon more people began to show up so we went up the stairs to a little area overlooking the store where the workshop took place. They had a large table across the room with all the materials ready for each person to use and an area with food and beverages, which I was very grateful for. Everyone had their own vegetable tan leather belt to work with and we where given two options, we could either learn how to dye the leather or learn how to hand stitch beautiful and intricate details into the belt. I’ve always been fascinated by the process of dye so I went for that one. First we did all the measurements, used special tools to cut the leather, marked down where the belt holes would go and detailed the leather along the edges to give it a nice finish. Toni had several colors we could choose from and they were all gorgeous tones, especially the sand one but I went with tan, its more my style. The whole process of dyeing was so much fun! And everyone had the best attitude, we were all laughing and getting to know each other while trying not to mess up but Toni was very helpful. The whole time she was going one by one making sure we were on the right track with the type of look we had envisioned for each of our belts and would help us make tweaks here and there so they all turned out really good. We let them dry, added the buckle and we had our belt! Looking at the end result I couldn’t believe I had just made that, it was really beautiful.

I have to say, this was such a great workshop! I had the best time, met really cool people and learned so much. I had always been interested in working with leather, now I can say that I have and I have my beautiful belt to prove it;) For anyone out there who is interested in taking a class I fully recommend it, Toni is amazing so you’ll learn a lot from her. Personally I cant wait for her next workshop! For now here are the photos I took yesterday…

IMG_6081 copy

IMG_6082 copy

IMG_6083 copy



And the end result…


Thanks Toni for such a great workshop! For anyone that is interested I will leave the links below…

Thanks for reading!

Love, Erika



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