Winter in California

        Life in Southern California is like having a clean start every day. I have lived here for two years now and I am yet to feel tired and bored of this place (as it usually happens by now). With its sunny days, golden beaches and good vibes, SoCal is easy to love. Even during winter this place is just as sunny and beautiful as ever and right now I could not imagine living anywhere else. I have met wonderful people, have a lovely home, an amazing boyfriend that makes my days so much brighter and full of laughter and to top it off I have found true passion in my chosen career. Life is good. Sure everything has its ups and downs but its having the right attitude when you get out of bed that truly matters.

I believe that life should be enjoyed to the fullest each and everyday, that in our busy live’s we still take a moment to enjoy that first cup of coffee, greeting people on your way to work, to see the good side of a bad situation, I believe in taking a deep breath after a long day and dedicating a few minutes to yourself to enjoy a good book or treating yourself to a nice bath. All these things matter because they make life colorful and memorable and rather than wondering at the end of the week where your days went, you would reminisce on all the little things that made it bright. Reflecting over it this morning I was inspired by all the greens I could see through my balcony and it made me smile because only in California would you have a view that belongs more to summer than winter. So while going through my wardrobe I had a distinct desire for a fresh but confident style that would get me through my busy Monday, with that in mind I went for an olive green crop top, my favorite black jeans, cutout black sandals, a gold braided necklace, my Olivia & Joy handbag and a white scarf for those unexpected Santa Ana winds. A few minutes later I had the look I needed, I grabbed my sunnies and headed out the door to begin my day. Here are some photos from today…

Winter StyleCalifornia LookCalifornia StyleOlivia and Joy Handbag

Even though the start of the week is universally dreaded, I believe that the right style can give you the attitude you need to take on whatever challenge may cross your path. And it may sound silly to some but its the little things that encourage you through out the day, so find yours, whatever gives you that extra push and got do it regardless of what other may think;) I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and that you find some inspiration along the way. Feel free to comment below!

Newport Beach California

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Love, Erika

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