Create Cultivate + Meeting Song of Style, Julia Hengel & Devon Rachel

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     I want to share with you the contents of my weekend at Create Cultivate Event. First of all for all of you who don’t know who they are, Create Cultivate is a summit for Fashion, Design and Business Entrepreneurs to share and inspire through conferences across the country. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet talented and amazing people in the industry and truly learn from the best! The event took place at Culver City’s Art District where we got to hear from key note speakers such as Song of Style, Julianne Hough, The Fat Jewish, Julia Hengel, Devon Rachel, Peace Love Shea, Whitney Port, Eat Sleep Wear and so many more! Bloggers from all over came together this saturday to support one another and have a great time! I cant even begin to explain how happy I am that I attended because what I took from this event will stay with me forever.

This event was intended for everyone seeking a creative outlet to learn and get inspired no matter their level of success, age or whether they were looking to start a business or continue to grow their successful careers. And thats exactly what was so great about it! We all came together to learn not only from our mentors and guest speakers but from each other. At one point I found myself sitting next to a woman who had over 600,000 followers on Instagram and another one who run two successful businesses and was only in her mid 30’s and of course there I was, a new blogger trying to learn the way it all works and I thought how wonderful that not for a second did I ever feel out of place or unwelcome. This is everything that I love about blogging, how close this community really is. About 80% of the people went by themselves, myself included and it was amazing how by the end of it, everyone was talking to each other as if they’d known them forever.

The panels that I loved the most were the ones with Whitney Port, Julianne Hough and The Fat Jewish they had me laughing so hard! Song of Style was also amazing. I was surprised to learn how hard she really worked to get to where she is today. Still a college student, working a full time job and making all the sacrifices to build her blog, it takes so much focus and dedication but clearly it payed off;) My absolute favorite though was meeting Devon Rachel. She was one of my mentors at the event and I cant begin to express how nice and helpful she was. Every question she was asked she answered in great detail and with such honesty! She was very encouraging and was not afraid to give us actual tips and advise, as opposed to the generic answers you always get. I am so grateful I was able to get into her group because I took so much from her. It is always wonderful when someone you look up to turns out to be so down to earth and lovely as she was. I simply had the best time and 100% recommend this event! Here are some photos I took…

Create Cultivate

IMG_3081Create Cultivate

Create Cultivate

Create CultivateCreate + CultivateIMG_3096Create Cultivate
Song of Style
Song of Style

Create CultivateDevon_RachelIMG_3084Julia Hengel

This was a really inspiring event and this next weekend Im attending the Simply Stylist Event so follow along for more! If you have any questions feel free to comment below;)

Thank you for reading!

Love, Erika

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  1. Wow, seems like you had a wonderful time. This event sounds really amazing. By the way, I immediately fell in love with your destroyed denim skirt. It looks gorgeous on you. I wondered if you would like to follow each other via Instagram. That would be really awesome! Have a nice week! 🙂

    PS: I’m looking forward to your next posts about the other events! 🙂
    A fashionable Rendezvous
    A fashionable Rendezvous | Instagram

  2. This sounds like an amazing event! I’m thrilled for you (and a little jealous for myself, haha)! All the best with blogging – you’re definitely off to a great start! <3

  3. Oh my god this seems amazing, I would love to attend an event like that someday! These pictures make it look like it was a ton of fun. I love reading your blog!

    1. Thank you so much reading:) I had a great time! I don’t now where you live but there’s another great one called Design Vaca held on Palm Springs that’s supposed to be really cool too, you should check it out;)

      1. I live in SoCal! Design Vaca seems really cool but it’s too far from me. I really wanted to attend Simply Stylist but turns out I already had plans scheduled. If we ever cross paths though, definitely say hi and I will too if I see you!

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