Behind the scenes: Commercial Shoot

Echosmith Commercial Shoot

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         Hope your weekend was fun! Im sorry I haven’t been posting this past week, its been kind of busy lately but now that Spring Break is here I can finally relax, drink my rose tea and do what I love most, write on my blog!

Okay so last Thursday I got to do something really cool, I heard the Cool Kids from Echosmith were shooting a commercial for Jeep and I just had to go! Growing up my parents always kept a musical environment around the house, anywhere from classical music to 70’s rock, to my mom’s favorite latin music, which she would dance and twirl to all day long. Even as we kept moving from city to city we would add new music from every place we’d been; it became a little tradition of ours. And of course today its still a big part of who I am, I just love finding new bands to listen to and Echosmith has beautiful songs and simply the best vibes. So when I heard about their commerciaI, I immediately told my friend Karen from Little Black Shell and we got ready for a night of singing, dancing and behind the scenes fun;) It was really interesting to see how everything actually gets done. As a consumer you only get to see the perfect end result, but having experienced it from the other side I can see its really hard work! The director kept shooting from every possible angle, trying to keep us (the crowd) excited and energetic while trying to direct the band, focus on lighting and sound. They must have played their song Bright about 30 consecutive times until they got the shot they needed and as you can imagine Im dying to see the end result! At the end they gave us a private concert which closed with huge balloons full of confetti flying all over the set, it was so much fun! But of course, being a Fashion Blogger the part I loved the most was observing the makeup & style artist. She would go around fixing the four siblings before each and every take, making sure they were all scene perfect;) The vocalist Sydney Sierota was wearing a gorgeous white lace top and skirt combo with scalloped edges, a statement necklace and cut out oxford shoes which I loved!! Her make up was rose gold mixed with earthy tones which complimented her skin perfectly and a contagious lively attitude to go with it;)

Sydney Sierota

EchosmithEchosmith CommercialSydney SierotaIMG_3307Echosmith behind the sceneSydney SierotaIMG_3439IMG_3441_2IMG_3470

I realize this was a different direction from what I usually post about, but I just love trying new things. I believe in being open to new opportunities so even if its not exactly fashion related, I still found it very interesting and enjoyed seeing the side of production, styling, filming and just event planing all together and I hope you did too;) I’ll be blogging about more Fashion Events this week so follow along for more!

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Love, Erika

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  1. This sounds like it was right up my alley!! I love figuring out behind the scenes info when I’m watching movies/tv shows so to actually be on set would be super cool! The pics are brilliant too. Xx

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