White canvas in the city

                  This weekend was like a clean & fresh start. With the last few weeks of Spring many changes are coming and Im excited for whats next. Right now Im counting the weeks until I get to travel back home and see my family and friends. Mexico is a beautiful place and I cant wait to go relax in paradise. But for now, I have the city as my white canvas to enjoy and explore. Im referring to the art installation on Sunset Boulevard of course. As many of you might have heard, Bates Motel is currently washed out in from floor to ceiling, to the palm trees surrounding the area and it is absolutely stunning. Artist Vincent Lamouroux covered every inch of the abandoned building in a ecological lime wash paint and it has been the dominating source of inspiration for the citizens of LA, myself included;) And after a day of running around the city with my friend Karen from Little Black Shell we decided it was time to pay the visit!

I constantly get style inspiration from what’s surrounding me, I love to wander through the city and apply that inspiration to my everyday lifestyle, this shoot was influenced by this temporary form of art and its gorgeous location.

White Canvas

White canvas on sunset

White Canvas


Project LA

White Out

White Installation


White canvas in the city

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  1. I have wanted to visit there for the past couple weeks but haven’t gotten to it yet! Until then, I’ve seen tons instagram pictures on my dash of it. So crisp and clean, these pictures look great!

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