Fashion Blogging: Tips, Tricks and The Truth Behind It

Hi guys!

            Lately I’ve been reading a lot about blogging, other blogger’s experience in the industry, how they started and how they continue to grow. We all have a different thing we bring to the table, different styles, we come from a different background and I find it very interesting! So I got inspired and would like to share what’s worked for me. I am NO expert but when I first started blogging almost a year ago, I wished there was someone out there who could give me real tips on how to do it. So every month I’ll try to share little tips and tricks I’ve learned and help you grow.

For starters let me say that its not as glamorous as it seems! Your job as a fashion blogger is to inspire people, to show them how to style current trends and to make it seem effortless. When there’s nothing effortless about it. Truth is, I always end up changing in my car in between shoots, I put myself out there every single day and reach out to others and I will spend a considerable amount of time taking the perfect photo with the right angle and light in the hope to inspire others. But even after that, when it comes to Instagram we all use apps and tricks to enhance our photos, so these are the ones I use:


  • PicsArt: I love it! Easy to use and somehow at the end of editing, the quality of your photo magically improves. I use this one a lot. Then..
  • Facetune: I use this one to whiten photos, I hate it when I have white details in my photo and they came out yellow. So use the whiten brush. Also you can smooth skin which makes it look a little more professional. DO NOT OVER DO IT. You don’t want to look fake and honestly, perfect is boring so just use it only when necessary.
  • VSCO: I use this one to plan my future Instagram posts. If you go to library, they have the same layout as Instagram so it makes it easier for me to see if my next photo will go with the aesthetic of my feed.
  • Retouch: I use this one a lot because I shoot in dirty LA all the time and no matter how careful you are, when going through photos I always end up seeing dark spots on the ground and it bothers me like you wouldn’t believe. So I use clone stamp and brush to clean it up or clone any part of the wall that gives me trouble.

And yes I do this with almost every single photo on my feed.


But that is not enough. Posting a pretty photo is just step one. You need to have real engagement with your followers. Don’t be lazy, if people take the time to write a comment on your photo (blog or social media accounts) then show appreciation and answer them. I get busy and sometimes I’ll take a while to reply but I try to do it as much as I can. Also don’t just say ”Aw Cute” and expect people to care. If you are leaving a comment, say something real and show your personality! Its an opportunity to show them who yo are. Remember, people can always tell when you’re being fake so go for real engagement. Another thing I’ve learned is that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask people questions! If I like the way someone edited their blog post or have a photography question, I’ll email them and in a respectful and honest way, I will compliment their work and ask any questions I may have. Most of the time people get back to me and are truly happy to see that their work and effort is not going unnoticed, so don’t be shy.


Everyone and I do mean everyone should care about this. But specially if you’re starting out because you should definitely reach out to local bloggers around you, again don’t be shy! Thats the first thing I did. Go to events in your community and when you do, don’t spend the entire time in a corner staring at your phone, TALK to people. I’ve met some of my best friends this way; you need to get your name out there. Hey, Im an introvert so trust me I know how hard and intimidating it can be, BUT once you start it becomes so much easier! Now I don’t even think about it. I love meeting new and talented people, it inspires me.

Quick story…. I remember the first time I attended an event by myself. It was Create and Cultivate last year. I was supposed to go with a blogger friend and in the end she couldn’t make it. Did I miss the event?? NO. I had only been blogging for 3 months, was under 500 followers on Instagram and still figuring things out. But I decided I wanted to meet people that were doing the same thing I was doing, so I didn’t get intimidated and went. I mean I was still a little nervous because it was a huge event and there were some serious bloggers there. But to my surprise, from the moment I parked and started walking over I had already met 4 bloggers, easy as that. And as the day went on I got so many business cards (of course I followed up), met so many interesting people and got to meet my favorites like Aimee Song from Song Of Style, Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam and Devon from Devon Rachel. They gave me some of the best advise I’ve ever gotten and it was nice to find out that they were some of the nicest and most down to earth women I’ve ever met.

It’s still January, the beginning of the year so get out your calendars and mark down every single event you can find! Trust me its the best way to connect with people so you dont want to miss out.


spring look

Golden Accesories

white romper cutout

gold accesories

backless romper

brunch look

backless white romper


fresh flowers

spring outfit

Next time I’ll get more into detail with things I’ve learned over this past year. For now I leave you with my season transitional look. But check out 5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging post if you are looking for more tips on how to blog.

Winter in Newport Beach is actually pretty nice so I couldn’t help but go with this midi cutout romper and favorite mules. I love the light colors for this time of year and Im preparing for Spring so light fabric, light hues and light everything!

What I wore:

White Cutout Midi Jumpsuit from Zara | Brown Mules from Zara | Suspended Crystal Bracelet from The Peach Box and Latch Bangle out of stock but similar Here | Brown Leather Bag from Zara | All found on Sale <3

I had the best time shooting this look, I hope you guys like it! Also feel free to ask me any questions below. As always thank you for reading,

Love, Erika

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18 thoughts on “Fashion Blogging: Tips, Tricks and The Truth Behind It”

  1. Hi Erika!
    I loved your post, thank you so much for the tips and advices! I’ve been blogging for three Months now, and definetly your post will help me to improve my blog and my connections, thank you and hope to meet up someday! Kisses!

  2. Hi Erika! I loved the post, I think it’s very helpful! I’m a fashion/beauty blogger as well I also make YouTube videos this is my passion! I been blogging for a while now but part time since I’m A mommy 🙂 I’m looking to improve my blog but it’s kinda hard for me to design it I can’t find a way that it’s easy all the codes I’m not really into that lol! Any tips? And also what filters u use, or u just sharpen, contrast,etc ur pics! They look awesome😍
    I would really love to be friends with blogger from any place girls that love what I love to do!

    My blog is

    1. Hi Mary, thank you! You have great youtube videos. About designing your blog, I went through the same thing. Im not an expert with codes and didn’t want to pay someone to do it either, so what I did was change the whole layout of my website. The one I had was beautiful but limited. I use not .org so its pretty easy to use! I looked through hundreds of different layouts because I wanted one that was easy for me to use but easy for my readers to navigate as well. Now on this I did spent about $60 because I didn’t go with the free layout this time, but I feel that it was worth it because I get better feedback since I changed it. So you might want to consider changing yours if its too hard to work with. On my IG photo editing I rarely use any filters, I like a more natural look. But if I ever do, I use CLARENDON on Instagram. I always have a lot of white details on my photos so if after editing I notice my photo is still too warm, I use this filter at a range of 20 max (I feel like anything higher than that makes the photo look over edited). Again, that’s just me. The most important thing to remember is that photos with light appeal more than darker ones, so however you edit make sure to shoot with natural light! Hope this helps!! XO

  3. Hi Erika! Thanks for sharing. Great tips and ideas I will definitely put to work. Having a full time career, being enrolled part time in the fashion design program normally leaves me with little time and energy to invest into building my blog. But it’s w new year and new attitude. Your post arrived just in time.


    1. Hi Priscilla, Im glad you found it useful! That makes me really happy. Finding time to blog can get overwhelming, specially with how busy you are but it sounds like you have the right attitude. I would start with one blog post a week and build up from there. I really really love how colorful, fun and unique your blog is. Im always looking into art exhibitions and I kept scowling through your visits. Seems like you found a style that works for you which can be the hardest part for some, so good for you! Keep it up and thank you again for reading. I will be sharing more tips soon! XO

  4. Very very helpful tips. I’m trying to figure out how to become more engaging with others and my readers.

    I actually will be using the VSCO tip. It’s very hard for me to figure out my next Instagram snap and having them all together cohesively.


    1. Im so happy to hear that! And yes that’s my life saver for sure! I like to plan everything down to the last minute and that app helps a lot. I’ll be giving more detailed tips on my next blog post, so stay tuned! <3 Best, Erika.

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