3 Easy Steps On: How To Survive Festival Season

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                This week I’ve been thinking a lot about personal style. With the festival season around the corner, its hard not to be trend crazy over all these boho styles. But does that mean I need to change my whole wardrobe for it?? The answer is no. Here are 3 tips on how to survive it:

  1. “Its all about understanding what style is best for you. I like sticking to what works for me and Im a strong believer that you shouldn’t buy into every single trend out there. Understanding your personal style is so important! You don’t want to lose your  identity over all the “must have items” everyone says you need.
  2. “One, maybe two new items.” A little detail here and there keeps things fun. Like the choker coming back.. am I right?? Who didn’t love it in their teens years, I know I did! BUT don’t go trend crazy.. pay attention to what works for you and don’t let the festival season leave you broke, fast trends are never worth it!
  3. “Learning balance.” You can adopt a trend that feels right for you but you don’t need to go ahead and buy the whole store. Like this crochet lace top, its perfect for the season.. carefree but not too hippie so I know I’ll be wearing it many more times this year!

Try it! You will make a better impression by sticking to your style and your wallet with definitely thank you for it.

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What I wore:

Slinky Wrap Choker Necklace from Urban Outfitters | White Crochet Open Shoulder Crop Top from Merrilee’s Swimwear  | Black Ripped Skinny Pants from Zara | Sleek Heeled Sandals from Express 

Hope you found this helpfull;) Also, I will be working on new and exciting collaborations this month, cant wait to show you guys!! So stay tuned!

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