Restyle Your Wardrobe

                I can’t wait to show you a few new projects I’ve worked for this month. I’ve had the luck to work with very talented people and am planning a few special posts to share them!

Now, for this blog post I wanted to restyle a white midi pantsuit I’ve worn before. Its easy to believe you can’t repeat an outfit once you’ve worn it BUT Im here to tell you that is so untrue! I added a cream & gold jacket, crocodile printed heels, accessorised with a different bag and I have a new look! By adding different accessories you can refresh a look that you’ve worn before and make it brand new again. Let me know what you think…

blogger style

white romper

Spring look

Spring style

Day Look

Chic Look

Shop similar looks:

Look No. 1 //  Double Layer Cut Out from Missguided at $59.50

Look No. 2 //  Crop Pantsuit from First Rite at $310 (click on image to shop)

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

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