Confession Time: How A Small Hobby Got Me Into This Career Path & A New Blog Series

Today’s post on Instagram is this beautiful polka dot jumpsuit that honestly feels like PJ’s to me. It’s so soft and comfortable but date night perfect at the same time! I think jumpsuits are one of those rare pieces that can be worn all year round and works perfectly. Keep reading to find out where mine is from and for some honest insight into what my blogging experience has been so far…

erikadvm blogger


True story. I got this camera from my mom when I was about 17 years old. I had joined a photography class and needed a film camera but wasn’t getting lucky, so she found this used one for a good price and surprised me with it! I cannot describe to you how happy I was to have such a valuable gift. I loved the fact that it was previously owned, as if it had its own story before it became mine, but most of all I loved that it came from her. I’ve always had my parents support in all matters, big and small and this little project of mine was no different.


I will admit that when I developed my very first film, it came out ALL dark! It had maybe one or two bright spots but overall much too black to identify anything. Don’t ask me how I managed to mess it up so badly, I was the only one in the class that this happened to but I laughed at myself and tried again. The second time around was a completely different outcome, I could see all my subjects clearly and had made decent use of ISO, shutter speed, aperture… Not anywhere near perfect, but it was a start and I was hooked.

From then on I decided to pursue a more creative path in my life and soon discovered I would never want a 9 to 5 office job. No offense to those who do but that isn’t who I am, I needed some creative outlet and living only through a hobby wasn’t good enough for me.

Blogging Tips

Details: This necklace I took with me to the desert for Coachella week 1 and the earrings I just got from Bauble Bar. I’m obsessed with both!

Now here is when it gets complicated but it’s the essential part of the story…  I ended up jumping from Fashion Design to Graphic Design, only to find I mostly loved the photo editing part of it but that I still had a love for fashion. So after some reflection, I decided to get a certificate on Fashion Merchandising and try to make use of both. Now after college the plan was to have my own clothing line, but since I didn’t have the team or budget for it, I pursued Blogging to get my foot in the Fashion Industry here in LA. I wanted to learn first hand how things really worked, it would give me the opportunity to begin networking ( always a crucial part ) and of course put my name out there for when I was ready to launch. Good plan right?? Well fast forward 3 years later and who knew I would find my true passion as a blogger! Not the smoothest of paths to get to where I wanted but that’s the point, no one’s life is a perfect straight line. More on this later, I’m getting to my point I promise…

I had managed to sit down with several clothing company owners/founders here in LA. How? Simple, I did my research, reached out to them and introduced myself (don’t be waiting or expecting people to come to you), shared what I loved about their work and invited them out for lunch or coffee and surprisingly enough it worked! I got amazing insights. I have full respect for this industry and maybe somewhere down the road I will pursue this goal because it still fascinates me. But as of now, I like this side far better more than the one from the designer’s point. You see it turns out that with Blogging I’m not so limited.. It allows me to work with many more industries all at once (tech, travel, food, beauty, etc.) while still working on fashion related campaigns. I also work for myself so I have full control over my schedule and I get to meet truly inspiring, highly innovative and amazingly talented people out there. By far one of my favorite parts of blogging. In all honesty I absolutely love what I do! But it’s not easy by any means!! I’ll confess that half the time I feel as if I’m swimming against the current, I constantly struggle with who to trust around me (harsh but true) and there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes as far as production, equipment, editing, dealing with unfair contracts and much more than people realise. And of course managing all social media platforms with all their constant new rules, while trying to keep your audience fully engaged every-single-day. Not all pretty and perfect is it? Other bloggers know all of this, but there is so much more than no one talks about.

boohoo erikadvm

What I’m wearing:

Isabella Polka Dot Jumpsuit from Boohoo | Chantella Hoop Earrings from BaubleBar | Pale Pink Structured Cross Body Bag by TDE | Necklace from Nissa Jewellery  

It’s funny how it all started out with a simple hobby, but WHY did I decide to share all of this?? I want to tell part of the story that led me to create Wander With Love so that you all start getting to know me a little better, but mostly because of how it looks all perfect on social media, but 99% of the time that’s not the case. I’ve had to re-adjust my plans many times before, start all over and then some! But real life with its tough decisions, wrong turns and everything in between is part of how we got to where we are, right? It didn’t magically fall on our lap, we have all worked for it. Right now I am not where I want to be career wise, I’m happy yes, but I wish for so much more and I am working my hardest to get there. But I realised that sharing the real journey behind it is far more helpful!! My goal is that sharing more posts like this will shed some light on Real life vs Social media life and stop encouraging this game of pretense we are all so used to but which does more harm than good. If any of this sound good then come back because I will be doing more posts like this mixed in with my regular ones and this was only the announcement of it. Whatever the reason you visit this blog, whether it’s for fashion trends, beauty guides, travel guides, blogging tips… I want you to find something helpful to take with you so I will share everything I’ve learned! Until next time.

Thanks for stopping by,

xo Erika

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