I’m sharing a more personal post this week. I recently went to the doctor because my health was acting up and I couldn’t figure out how to feel better. The doctor convinced me to get a Food Intolerance test and well long story short, it turns out I present high reactions to certain foods –I was shocked! I’ve always paid special attention to what I eat and I thought I knew my body pretty well but I guess we never stop learning about our bodies. So now I’ve been implementing a new diet and I feel better than ever.

When I posted about it on my Instagram Stories I got so many DMs asking me which test I had taken and where, how long it took, how much it cost me and it went on and on… I’m no expert on this, but I decided to share the blog post on my experience in case it helps someone out there. So here it is… I took the General Food Panel: IgG and I was very happy with it. Basically what this test tells you is if you are sensitive to certain foods or food categories through a “Reaction Class” that presents different levels starting from:

O (no reaction), I (very low), II (low) , III (moderate), IV (high), V (very high) and up to VI (extremely high) on the categories: Dairy, Meat/Fowl, Misc, Fruits, Fish/Crustacea/Mollusk, Grains/Legumes/Nuts, Vegetables.

That said, I know there are more tests out there so it all depends on what your doctor recommends for your specific needs and that’s why I would recommend consulting your own doctor or Allergist / Immunologist. As for the place, I had been going to a local Naturopathic doctor in Orange County (this type of medicine is new to me but the results can’t be denied) and that’s when she suggested I took this test. Now as for the price I believe I paid $150 which I wasn’t excited about! But it was super easy, they got my blood sample there at her office (almost fainted like I always do when it involves needles and blood), they sent it to a Lab and about a week or so after I got my results. And I am sooo happy I decided to do it! I learned so much about my body.

*Of course you can ask your own doctor about this test, I just so happened to want to try a Naturopathic one but yours might even be a little less pricey, not sure, the point is that you go to someone you trust.

Before I took this test I was 99% sure I was waiting my money and my time thinking I didn’t have any issues with food… HA! I was so wrong. No I’ve learned that it never hurts to check up on our general health. Whatever your motivation is, whether you wish to find out more about your body, find a solution to a recurrent health problem or simply because Summer is coming up and we want to look and feel our best, at the end of the day being informed about our health is always beneficial and in my case it was eye opening! 

My doctor explained to me that over the years our bodies can present new reactions to things that never harmed us before and vice versa. And now that I think about it, its true! I remember not being able to eat shrimp as a kid because I would break out in what looked like hives (ALL OVER MY BODY) but I loved shrimp, so I would be a sneaky kid and eat it when my parents weren’t looking so back to the hospital we would go. But now I can eat it every day and it does absolutely nothing to me and I never understood why, until now. She also explained that some reactions are not as visible to the eye so they’re hard to catch, that some present as internal problems. Like for example, ever since I changed my diet I have so much more energy, my sleeping patterns have also improved, but even my skin looks and feels better, less acne for sure and so many more aspects that I won’t bore you with and it’s only been about two months. I never realised how food can play such a huge role on all these other matters. Of course, just because I had those results does not mean it will be the same for everyone, but I think it’s so interesting and worth knowing if our bodies are trying to tell us something.

But anyways I now find myself avoiding eggs, mushrooms, pineapple, tuna, casein, whey, amaranth, dairy (still mourning over that one) and some others. But it got me thinking, we are what we eat right? So if these foods are hurting my body then why put it through unnecessary pain when there are so many ways to replace these foods! Some are harder than others, for example I never ever noticed that dairy was a problem so that one was tough, but it turns out it was heavily connected to my acne and some other issues in my body so it had to go. However I’ve learned to replace it with Oat Milk and it is heaven!!! I love it so much. I first tried Almond milk but that makes me break out too and Coconut milk tastes kind of funny, so to me this was a great replacement. It’s all about paying attention to what your body needs, otherwise how do we expect to look or feel the way we wish if we don’t listen to it??

I’m going to wrap it up here but I hope this was helpful and worth your time! If you have any questions about this or any other topic you would like me to talk about then please leave me a comment below and never be afraid to dm me, I always always reply. All the love…

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