I’m sharing a more personal post this week. I recently went to the doctor and took a food intolerance test because my health was acting up and I couldn’t figure out how to feel better, well long story short it turns out I present high reactions to certain foods, I was shocked! I’ve always paid special attention to what I eat to stay healthy but I guess we never stop learning about what works for our bodies right? So now I’ve been implementing a new diet and I feel better than ever!

When I posted about it on my Instagram Stories I got so many DMs asking me which test I had taken and where, how long it took, how much it cost me and it went on and on… I’m no expert on this, but I decided to share the blog post on my experience in case it helps someone out there. So here it is… I took the General Food Panel: IgG and I was very happy with it ( but no, this isn’t sponsored in any way). Basically what this test tells you is if you are sensitive to certain foods or food categories through a “Reaction Class” that presents different levels starting from:

O (no reaction), I (very low), II (low) , III (moderate), IV (high), V (very high) and up to VI (extremely high) on the categories: Dairy, Meat/Fowl, Misc, Fruits, Fish/Crustacea/Mollusk, Grains/Legumes/Nuts, Vegetables.

That said, I know there are more tests out there so it all depends on what your doctor recommends for your specific needs and that’s why I would recommend consulting your own doctor or an Allergist / Immunologist. As for the place, I had been going to a local naturopathic doctor (this type of medicine is new to me but the results can’t be denied) and that’s when she suggested I took this test. Now as for the price I believe I paid $150 which I wasn’t excited about, I mean it was a little pricey! But now I am sooo happy I decided to do it. And like I said you can ask for this test with your own doctor, doesn’t have to be naturopathic like mine so it might even be less money not sure, just go to someone you trust.

The point is, it never hurts to check up on our general health. Whatever your motivation is, whether you wish to find out more about your body, find a solution to a recurrent health problem or simply because Summer is coming up and we want to look and feel our best. At the end of the day being informed about our health is always beneficial and in my case it was eye opening! I had no idea my body had evolved to no longer be able to tolerate certain food, but since I switched up my diet to replace these, I have so much more energy, my sleeping habits are better than ever!! (I’ve always had a lot of trouble sleeping), even my skin looks and feels better, less acne for sure and it’s only been about two months. Now just because I had those results does not mean it will be the same for everyone, I am just sharing my experience and what doing those adjustments based on my results has done for me. 

But anyways I now find myself avoiding eggs, mushrooms, bananas, pineapple, tuna, casein, whey, amaranth, dairy (still mourning over that one) and many more. But it got me thinking, we are what we eat right? So if these foods are hurting my body then why put it through unnecessary pain when there are so many ways to replace these! Some are harder than others, for example I never ever noticed that dairy was harmful to me so this is a particularly difficult one to part ways with, but I’ve always seen a reaction with pineapple… like my tongue freaks out and get red bumps all over my face so that one is old news. It’s all about paying attention to what your body needs, otherwise how do we expect to look or feel the way we wish if we don’t listen to it??

I hope this was helpful and worth your time! I always try to answers dos right away, but when I get the same questions all the time I turn it into a blog post so others might benefit from it. So if you have any questions for me about this or any other topic you would like me to talk about then please leave me a comment below. All the love…

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