5 Valentines Date Ideas that are actually fun!

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While I’m here sitting at home trying to figure out how to fix my life aka my Blog! I realised Valentines Day is about 3 weeks away so of course the inspo and date ideas start now!

This is a –couple date ideas– type of post BUT I have friendship one coming up and trust me it’s a really good one!! I’m actually counting down the days until it goes live <3 But for all the couples out there, I’ve got you!

DATE IDEA No. 1 Teach your significant other a new skill. It’s a day to be couple-y and it’s all about quality time together and getting closer, right? So you could let them teach you something they love or vice versa. It can be anything! Maybe you love to paint, or making candles, playing video games, doing DIY projects, play an instrument, … As long as you keep the activity simple, teaching them should be fun! Example? Let’s see.. Tom loves playing golf but I’ve NEVER tried it so just think baby steps people –I’m not going to sign up for the full thing right away, but I can join him at the driving range and have him teach me! In fact, I can already see us both laughing as I miss hitting the ball 9 out of 10 times, but you get the idea.

DATE IDEA No. 2: Meet up with other couples and make it a group thing! Whether you guys go to your favorite Rooftop bar for food +drinks, do a game night (Most likely.. app is my fave right now), go to a Comedy night club, go Paddle boarding as a group if you’re are feeling active (think groupon for these last two, they always has great deals), or whatever it is you all enjoy doing together. This is a great way to take the pressure off and just do something fun with your love and friends.

DATE IDEA No. 3: Go on a weekend trip. Tom and I do this often for no good reason at all and we always have the best time! So why not for Valentines? Plus the process of planning gives you both something to look forward to and even when it’s somewhere close by, there’s still the little thrill of being on vacay. When it comes to little getaways, we usually keep it very light and simple… we agree on the dates that work for both, we book a place near things we wish to see & we do our research to know what’s out there but we pretty much leave it open after that. This way there is no stress, we’re not attached to a schedule, no pressure to be here or there at a specific time, we simply enjoy as we go.

DATE IDEA No. 4: Take something off your list. We all have things we always say we want to do but never get around to doing them. But it’s a brand new year and the best time to scratch something off your list before you start loosing that –New Year motivation– so take the brewery tour you’ve been wanting to check out, rent that vespa/fave car and go for a ride, take a hot air ballon, go back to Disney, visit a new museum., etc. Doing new things together always make the relationship feel fresh again so it’s a nice way to celebrate this day.

DATE NIGHT No. 5: Stay in + cook a new dish together. I get it, not everyone’s excited to get all dressed up and go to a crowded restaurant that day or hell even leave the house! So why not open a bottle of wine (or a few), prepare something neither of you have cooked before and play your favorite music in the background. Or even find movies that go along with the theme of your dinner… cooking a French dish? Then watch The Favourite (love Emma Stone), or Midnight in Paris (I never get tired of it), Les Miserables, Marie Antoinette… Spanish, Greek, Italian, Japanese? Cool, find a match and enjoy!

Have any fun ideas of your own? Let me know below, I’d love to hear them!! Also keep an eye out for more Valentines Day inspo posts…

xo Erika

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