Part 1: The Natural Remedies That Got Rid Of My Acne

I have been sharing my experience with skincare for a few years now and I have talked about a about products for acne on the blog, but I feel that I haven’t shared the Natural remedies that cleared my face from acne, so here it is!

To give you some insight, I have combination skin and would normally get acne on my forehead, also chin and neck area and I know these last two are more hormonal but these steps helped with that as well.

Okay so I did a few different things but I fully believe that the combination of all of them was key to getting rid of it.

  1. I took a Food Intolerance Test + went Dairy free. I wrote a blog post last year on how and why I changed my diet so you can give it a read HERE to find out more details. But basically ever since I took this test, my doctor and I where able to pin point what foods where causing my body to react in certain ways and quickly found out that Dairy was a big contributor to my acne. There were many other foods that where causing problems for me and clearing those out of my system undoubtedly helped my skin, but I’ll focus on the one that helped me the most with my acne. After I went diary free, I noticed my skin was less inflamed after the first week! But the longer I kept staying away from dairy the less and less acne I started getting, so now I make it a priority. But whatever your trigger might be, a Food Intolerance Test is a good way of finding out which foods to avoid to have healthier skin.
  2. I incorporated Probiotics. Since I cut dairy I wasn’t getting probiotics from my usual morning yogurt and my body was definitely feeling the change, so I decided to replace it with a pill. I know there are many other food sources where you can get probiotics from, but personally I’m not a fan of them. If you find some you love go for it but for those who prefer a pill like me, I bought Culturelle’s Daily Probiotic at Target and it worked great. That said, I bet any probiotic supplement you find would work too. The point is that what you put in your body has a big role on how your skin looks and feels so gut health is very important for glowing healthy skin.
  3. I used Witch Hazel as Toner. I buy Thayers Witch Hazel Alove Vera Formula “Original” at my local market, it’s cheap and so soothing. It works as a natural astringent because it helps to remove oils (without getting that super dry feeling afterwards). It also calms down inflammation and acne areas, my skin even feels way smoother but one of the biggest changes for me is that evens out my skin tone! I feel like my SK-II Treatment Essence is also amazing at making my skin smooth and to even out my overall tone but at a MUCH higher price. I’m still a fan, but I mean it’s $99 vs $9.50 so it’s your choice. HOW TO APPLY: I use a cotton pad and moist it with Witch Hazel, then I gently rub all over my face, neck and chest. I leave it on just like I would any other toner.
  4. I used Tea Tree Oil as Spot Treatment. I’ve mentioned this before on the blog but I’ll officially say it again, this is the best natural way to spot treat acne. You should definitely dilute it with coconut oil or something similar before you apply it to avoid burning and damaging your skin as it is strong, but it works wonders! HOW TO APPLY: I mix a bit of coconut oil and a drop of Tea Tree oil and apply it directly on my acne with a cotton swab and leave it on. Don’t over do it, just enough to cover. I realized that it helps to get rid of acne faster. Sometimes it will help it pop if it needs to and sometimes it simply takes it away before it even gets to that point. But either way it never fails to speed the process. Also if the skin did brake, I apply a bit extra afterwards to help it heal quicker and I’ve found that my acne started to recur less and less.
  5. I used Raw Manuka Honey 15+. I buy this at my local Sprouts Market. Raw Manuka Honey has beneficial antioxidants and works as an antibacterial, so it leaves your skin feeling smooth and with fewer bacteria which means less chance of infected pores, which means less acne. BUT you do want to pay attention to the grading system so look for the UMF or MGO rating on the label. For acne purposes make sure you’re using a minimum of UMF 10+ or MGO 261+ (attention: not just a +number, it has to say UMF or MGO so you know it’s certified). I personally used UMF 18+ (in MGO grading it would be 692) to make sure I had enough levels of antibacterial properties and it worked great. HOW TO APPLY: Start with a clean face, wet your hands and lightly dab your face and neck so the honey applies easier. I used it as a mask on my face and neck 2-3 times a week for about 15-20min and rinsed off with water.
  6. Turmeric Drink before bedtime. I started making “Golden Milk” but used Oat Milk instead of dairy. You can also drink Turmeric Tea, I just simply like the Golden Milk recipe but the point is to fight off acne from the inside. Turmeric is well known as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial and I found that by consistently drinking it my acne started looking much better. *I buy my Turmeric powder at an herb and spice shop in LA because I feel that it’s more reliable and potent than the ones you find in supermarkets, plus it’s cheaper. But I’ll leave that to your discretion. DIRECTIONS: 1) Pour 1 1/2 cups of the milk of your choice into a small pot on medium heat. 2) Add 1 tsp ground Turmeric, a pinch of black pepper (this activates the turmeric and helps your body absorb the curcumin), add 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon (also an anti-inflammatory) and add honey to your liking. 3) Let it simmer for about 10min. Enjoy nice and warm! I would make this every night. Now that my skin is better I drink it about 3-4 times a week for it’s other benefits and to help me sleep.
  7. Staying consistent with a remedy. The thing with skin is that you have to give things a chance to work! The human body is amazing and it works really hard to fight off infections, inflammations and to regenerate itself but naturally it needs to be properly nourished and it needs some time. So whether you’re trying these steps above or your own or any skincare product, please don’t give up after a week or two, try to be more patient. Believe me, if you’re switching remedies and products every week, nothing will work for you. I’m a firm believer than you have to give things at least 3 weeks if not a month to see and feel results. So staying consistent and simple with your remedies/routines is key, it truly helped me.

To whoever might be reading this, I truly hope you found it helpful. I know how difficult it can be to live with acne but there is always a solution out there for everyone! So please don’t loose hope. Part 2 of how I got rid of my acne will be up soon, so keep an eye for that. I send you all my best!!

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