Welcome to my blog!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Erika. I was born in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but grew up all over! I studied Graphic Design and Fashion Merchandising in college so I love everything creative. But the main part of my life is Fashion. I like it all, from designing, to styling, modelling and of course blogging! These are all part of who I am.

Another big part of me is traveling. Growing up my family moved every two years (sometimes less) so other than Mexico I’ve lived in Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republic, USA… to name a few! This has taught me to take on new challenges and to keep pursuing my dreams. When I’m not blogging I love doing yoga, go brunching with my girlfriends, heading to the beach with my boyfriend (the most supportive guy ever) ❤ And love having a good book to read!! But enough about me…

Wander With Love is a Fashion & Lifestyle blog dedicated to the search of new and exciting things happening all around. From local discoveries such as best places to eat, where to stay, must go to shops and creative spaces, to fashion events and new trends of the season. This site was created as a way to share those little things that add inspiration to your everyday life. I encourage you to Wander With Love for Culture, Fashion, Places and People. I believe you should Wander With Love for what’s around you, to always be inspired and inspiring.

Follow along with me! And thanks so much for stopping by…

xo Erika

9 thoughts

  1. Ah, yes, Erika! I agree that we should all venture out into different cultures and happenings all around us. You never know whom you might encounter ^_~ It was great meeting you yesterday, and you’re such a beauty all around!


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