5 TV shows I’ve binge-watched in the past few months and 5 TV shows I’m looking forward to this 2019!

This weekend was pretty gloomy here in SoCal. My life these past 6+ years in Newport Beach have kept me very spoiled weather wise and it turns out I can’t take 2 rainy days in a row –I mean, when did this happen?? I used to live in San Francisco, where I walked literally EVERYWHERE and I’d stay soaking wet for 6 hours straight because I was in college and never remembered to pack extra clothes in my backpack or was too lazy to carry them since I was already carrying heavy art boards all day. But Anyways… where did that Erika go?

Jump a few years later and I’m living back in Cali again (southern Cali) and can’t get my mind straight because the sun didn’t come out this weekend… lame! But that’s how I started looking for new tv shows to obsesses about. I was out at the beach for about 20-30min watching Tom and the guys race Traxxas cars but then we headed back inside, I opened a bottle of Rose, we put the fireplace on and ordered some Thai food (go to Mint Leaf if you live in Newp). And that’s when one of my friend’s recommended the show YOU –I know it’s been out for months but I had never given it a second thought, he did warn us it was addictive but all I heard was “the guy from Gossip girl is in it” and that’s all I needed to hear!

It is now Monday and I have officially finished the first season. Yup, I binge watched the whole thing in like 24hrs. I don’t want to over sell it though, keep in mind crappy that weather does help keep you comfy inside, but in my opinion this show was casted perfectly! It’s also fast paced, creepy but not scary (huge difference + very important if you know me) and it makes you think twice about how much we’re all sharing on social media. The only thing I regret is not reading the book first!

| Shows I binge watched in the past few months, in no particular order… |

  1. YOU (it’s on Netflix). I think I’ve shared enough, it’s up to you now <3
  2. Maniac (also on Netflix). I think it’s a very creative story! And okay, I’m not an expert but I love how it was filmed, it made me feel like I was in the story with them, also kinda futuristic which I’m surprised to be into lately and I happen to looove Emma Stone so this one was not hard to love.
  3. Sabrina (you guessed it, Netflix too). I swear this isn’t sponsored by Netflix, it’s only a coincidence!! Now, this one is a bit for my nostalgic side because I grew up loving Melissa Joan Heart and wanting to dress like her (don’t judge). I’ll admit the romance part of this story is a bit silly, or at least for me BUT I really liked the twist. It’s like a whole new story, but not. Am I confusing you? Maybe I just want you to go watch it too…
  4. The Paradise (on Netflix). The story takes place in the 1870’s in North of England and it is based on a novel by Emile Zola. The show is about the rise of this department store called The Paradise which offers every dreamy little trinket a woman might desire presented in the most aesthetically pleasing way. So what’s so interesting about it? Well, it may not be a big deal to us now we (or at least I) live for the right aesthetics 24/7, but it’s fun to see how this might have first been introduced back then. It’s a light, dreamy and simpler times type of show, not anywhere near as dark as the ones I mentioned above but every bit as entertaining.
  5. The Haunting of Hill House (on Netflix). If you watched my Instagram Stories while I was in Paris this Fall then you watched me getting spooked by this show haha. Basically Tom and I got stuck at our Airbnb for a day and half because of weather so we bought a ton of cheese, wine, pastries, put a pizza in the oven and binge watched the hell out of this!! First I have to say that I DO NOT KNOW HOW HE CONVINCED ME, I do not watch scary shows, movies or anything!! But the show is based on this novel from 1959 that goes through a trauma early on, the cast looked pretty good (I’m always annoying about that) so I gave in! And even though it messed up with my head for the rest of the week, I am so glad I watched it! It’s a thrilling story.

| Shows I’m looking forward to this 2019 |

  1. Game of Thrones (on HBO, season 8). Again, if you ever watch my Instagram Stories then you know Tom and I have been reading the books (or more like he’s reading them to me because he’s read them all), but if you haven’t then I’ll also tell you I LOVE the show! The actors are all to good, so I follow both stories. If you’ve never watched GOT, I’ll say it can get gory pretty fast which I’m not into to be honest, but for once I can move past it because the drama and struggle for power between the characters is that good! Oh and if you’re wondering, the books are 100 times more additive. This new season comes back April 2019.
  2. Big Little Lies (on HBO, season 2). I don’t know where to begin! I adored this show so much. The women in it killed it, just killed it with their performances. The story is based on the book by Liane Moriarty, which I haven’t read but the show is so binge-worthy! I was fascinated from episode one, it’s dark, it feels relatable (no I don’t have kids but we all know these types of people so it’s entertaining to watch) and it basically gave me the chills. I’m excited how they develop the story for season 2 and with Meryl Streep joining the crew I literally cannot contain myself.
  3. Good Omens (on Amazon prime). I guess it’s time for me to sign up because this show sounds like it will be right up my alley. This Fantasy drama tells the story of an angel and demon teaming up in order to prepare for an apocalypse. Honestly the first thing that drew me to look into it was a release photo for the upcoming show of both actors in their full costume –yup clothes and style are enough to get me into looking up anything! Beyond that I just liked the theme of it so we’ll see…
  4. Top of the Morning (on Apple’s first ever show). It first caught my interest because Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon will be in it and Friends came rushing back to me! It looks like this time they will be playing news morning show hosts, but whatever role they play I am all in. So excited for this one! And sure I’m also curious to see what Apple is doing next.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy (on Hulu and Netflix, season 15). Did you think I could make all these lists and not include my favorite show of all times??! I truly hope this show never ends. Shonda Rhimes is genius! I’ve watched other shows she’s been a part of but none compare to this one. I began watching in college about 10 years ago and I’m still here, believe me it’s one of the gooood ones.

 Bonus: La Casa de las Flores or The House of Flowers (en Netflix). Acabo de ver la peli “Perfectos Desconocidos” con la actriz Cecilia Suarez, que también esta en ésta serie y me ENCANTO! Sentí la actuation muy auténtica y te deja queriendo mas. Así que si tienen una tarde libre, les recomiendo que la vean. // I wanted to include this one for those of you who speak Spanish (do not match the english version) because I love that over the years we are getting more options out there not just telenovelas, and this one is so great! It’s funny in a dark way and there’s plenty of drama but not the cringy-type. 

If I’m missing a series you think I should watch let me know in the comments below, I’m always up for suggestions!!

xo Erika

Neutrals Never Get Old

Hi there! It’s been a min or two… 

But I wanted to share my latest color combo of choice for the holidays that are not your typical red, white or green. Of course there isn’t anything wrong with those, but in case you wanted to switch things up a bit keep scrolling!

My go-to color combo because it’s a great
transition look  for  day to night!

I usually go for the “All White” when Christmas is getting closer but I love the idea of wearing neutrals instead. This time of year we tend to have more social commitments and personally the last thing I want to do is having to change from one event to the next so this color combo makes it easy to apply for any type of plans I have. As long as you have a few shades darker or lighter within the outfit it should keep it from being -a boring- look! 

I included the powder pink bag to keep it fun! And of course because I am completely in love with the design, this Danielle Nicole bag is easily one of my favorites in my closet this season.

*Outfit from LOLA.

Thanks for stopping by!

My guide to clear, hydrated & glowing skin with found beauty!

Following up with last month’s post on bright & clear skin ( in case you missed it it’s HERE ) I want to go deeper into my skin care routine with my fam over at found  . As I mentioned back in May, I have partnered up with them this year to share my favorite natural inspired products and how they help my skin! Honestly, incorporating skin care and makeup products that are safe for my skin has been a real life changer for me so here it is… my Guide to beautiful glowing skin!

Discover found_seaweed cream_erikadvm (1 of 1)

I’ll start with a product that has quickly become my #1 and for good reasons! I’m talking about found’s Seaweed Water Cream. This little gem is unbelievably light! Every time I apply it, the texture feels like water on my skin. I love skin care so of course I had tried other brands that came up with a similar concept —that water feel on your skin, but truthfully none that feels as refreshing and light as this one, not to mention that it’s 92% Natural and so affordable! This hydrating cream is also under the brightening collection which has had the best effect on my skin so far, so it’s no surprise that this is a must have on my everyday routine.

Next is the Cucumber Cooling Stick and if you can’t guess by the name, let me tell you this glide stick leaves my keeps my skin calm and soft through out the day. This once is  98% Natural and it’s meant to de-puff the skin so in my opinion it’s a great morning product —when I look my most vulnerable and need the extra help— this product comes to the rescue. I use it right before the Seaweed Water Cream and I’ve found that the effect of both is the perfect combo because my face feels cool and moisturized all day. Although it’s so small that I sometimes carry it on my purse in case the weather is acting up and I need a little pick me up!

Discover found products-erikadvm

Makeup Removal Balm-erikadvm

Moving on to the cleansing part of the routine, I’ve recently been trying the 90% Natural Makeup Removing BalmLast month I talked about how much I LOVE the Tea Tree Gel Cleanser and I still do! But on the days that I wear makeup I like doing a 2 step cleansing routine to make sure I am addressing both the makeup removal issue and the everyday impurities that the skin goes through everyday.  So I first used the Makeup Removing Balm ( a little goes a long way ) and next I use the Gel Cleanser that way my skin is fully clear!

Red Clay Mask_blue


After cleansing my face I’ve been applying this Red Clay Facial Mask  to get rid of impurities and toxins. I leave it on for about 10min but the stick says I can rinse off in as little as 5min, so those who don’t really have much time these days for face masks this is for you. I like the idea of boosting my skin and making sure it’s reenergized so I’ve been using it twice a week. To be honest I’m more used to the typical fabric soaked masks so I wasn’t sure this one was for me, but I found that this is more convenient because the stick just glides easily across my face so it’s not as messy. I’m not saying I’m done with my other found face masks BUT when I don’t have time to lie down and apply those, this is a perfect and quick option! So of course it’s a new fave of mine.

SEAWEED Water Cream_found-erikadvm (1 of 1) copy

Every skin comes with a different set of needs and that’s why found has created several collections to choose from. This guide I just shared is my personal experience and real opinions I’ve made by following their number system in the packaging! It makes it really easy to use because they label their products with a step number of 1-3 to customise your own routine:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Treat
  3. Hydrate

And *Enhance  which are the non-daily products that are meant for extra skin improvements

I encourage you to try them for yourself! It is such a joy when you find the collection that truly fits your needs. This year I have been really enjoying getting to know found beauty products and there’s so many more I want to share! Specially on their makeup line, more on that soon. But the fact that this brand is so honest, takes such great care about the ingredients they use and how these products are made, makes me feel really good about using them on a daily basis. To be honest, I wish I had started paying more attention to what I apply on my body sooner, but ever since I’ve been switching to more naturally based products I have noticed a big improvement so I am happy I came across a brand like this one that I can fully trust.  Until next time!


Let’s talk about Plaid, Checks and Gingham Patterns…

I have always loved a fun pattern on my outfits and lately it seems like I can’t stop wearing clothing that has either Plaid, Gingham or Checks in their pattern. They might look very similar so it’s easy to confuse but it’s all in the direction of the stripes and the symmetry that set them apart.

Plaid is the mix of vertical and horizontal lines that are crisscrossed in varying widths which creates a grid. If you need another visual think: Burberry , they have made the look so iconic that I don’t think we’ll be forgetting about this trend any time soon. You usually see it in 3 color ways, but of course there’s infinite color combinations out there which makes it a really fun pattern to wear and adds a bit of a twist to this classic pattern.

Gingham gets its name from the weaving process. The overlapping stripes create a different level of transparency to the color tones and it usually comes with white thread lines that create it’s characteristic look.  It might come in a smaller scale or big, depending on how bold you would like to go. I am always going back and forth between them so don’t ask me to choose!

Checks typically comes in two color ways that creates the illusion of a checkerboard, so this pattern consists basically of squares. I have seen it’s comeback in the last year mostly and I love it!! I used to think out of all 3 it was the most boring one but when you find pieces that have bold colors it doesn’t seem so dull anymore!

Whichever one you prefer, I think it’s a great Trend to add this Fall season! Check your closets and bring back to forgotten items and incorporate them into new re-styled looks!


Acne Problems?? I Got Answers from La Roche-Posay Experts!

Let’s get right into it! Who hasn’t dealt with acne problems either in their teenage years, through college or worse, as adults now –I say worse because dealing with it past a certain age just seems cruel! When will it stop am I right? Well if you feel anything like me, you’re certainly not the only one so let’s see what I’ve found out and which products from their Effaclar line have helped me so far plus a few other tricks I’ve learned over the years…

I got invited to attend a Derm Class at the Mondrian Hotel here in Los Angeles with La Roche-Posay to learn about Acne from the experts. Keep scrolling to find out what I learned.

Days prior to attending, I asked on my Instagram Stories if anyone had questions about acne so I could find them out and I got plenty of insight! So for those who sent me messages and DMs, thank you and I hope this helps.  At the panel they invited Dr. Annie Chiu Cosmetic Dermatologist and she was kind enough to answer many of them. 

First things first, it’s important to identify the types of cane out there! Here are the categories:

  1. Neonatal  2. Teen  3. Adult Acne  4. Hormonal Acne  5. Fungal Acne

Most of us have experienced at least one of these if not all and it is extremely important to identify which one or ones you are dealing with to be able to attack the root of the problem. According to the experts on this Derm Class I attended, it’s all about balance, finding the right products for your skin, using the right sunblock and of course healthy diet and habits. We all know this but how is this company different?? Well their formula has been heaven for my skin! I am being 100% honest.

The very first product I fell in love with was their Effaclar Eau Micellaire Water, I sometimes get lazy about removing my makeup so I loved this one because after a long day I lie in my bed with cotton pads and remove every last bit of it and my face doesn’t feel all oily and gross. But even better I don’t wake up with new zits so this product gets an A in my book! Anyways, that’s how I ended up looking deeper into this collection and I’m so glad I did because at their Derm Class I was gifted their famous sunscreen and it COMPLETELY lived up to the hype! Between you and me I was skeptical about this one because 90%  of the sunscreens I’ve have either given me more acne or just mess up my makeup and I hate that so much. But their Ultra Light Sunscreen is actually very light and non greasy at all, I swear I was shocked. You do have to re-apply every 2 hours like every other sunscreen out there —It would be nice if someone figured out a way to prolong this, but I truly live for this product so it’s not a big issue. And if you want acne and scar free skin then you know you need a reliable one.

Other points that were discussed included how important it is to find the right products for your skin and the correct way to use them. For example if you’re using a home derma roller check that you are not pressing down not the skin, you’re supposed to roll on the face, clean it frequently and change it every 6 months (no one had ever told me that).

But there’s also something I learned just last year at a skin care conference that is very worth looking into and that is the life of a given product. Let’s see, how many of us ever check the date our skincare products expire?? I sure didn’t used to but regulations mandate that it’s clearly marked on every product by the “jar icon” in the back but again, NO ONE had ever told me what that little jar meant! Now I frantically check this before I ever open a new product because whatever number is marked between 3, 6, 12, 24 is the number of months it is safe to use after first opening the product, anything past that means we could have a dangerous reaction on our skin such as dark spots, irritation or worse!

I’ve also learned that Tea Tree Oil is one of my best friends when I’m trying to get rid of a persistent pimple, I’ve been using it for over a year now and at the La Roche-Posay derm panel I asked Dr. Annie Chiu if she recommended using it on the face and she told me it was as long as I was mixing it with something like coconut oil so it doesn’t hurt the skin since it’s very potent. It works wonders! I also tried La Roche-Posay ‘s spot treatment and it worked great on my skin so I’ve added it to my routine for the annoying spots I need to get rid of quick.

Honestly I’m very impressed with the Effaclar line, truthfully I never find a collection where I love this many products, specially when it’s acne related. But I think they found just the right balance and I’m happy to say it more than lives up to the hype!

Thanks for reading!!

Travel: The Wayfarer Hotel Santa Barbara Experience

It’s been about 2 weeks since I got back from my Getaway in Santa Barbara, CA at The Wayfarer Hotel and I can’t stop recommending it! It was such a fun experience. The hotel is covered in fun and unexpected little gems in their decor like the rainbow colored book wall, the giant sized Jenga blocks in the leisure area and the old fashioned telephones in the rooms which I totally used as prop! It’s a fun and unique concept for a city that has so much to offer, I left inspired and with many plans to go back. I got to enjoy this stay with my Blogger friend Vicky from @fashionbyvicky, keep reading to find out all the cool spots we discovered together.

The Wayfarer Hotel_erikadvm

This is my first time staying at one of the many locations Pacifica Hotels has in their collection, which is over 25 hotels in California and I just found out they even have some in Kona, Hawaii —Is this a sign I should head back already?? I think so! But honestly though from the moment we arrived, everyone at The Wayfarer Hotel was beyond accommodating and on top of every little detail, which I really appreciated because its always the little things that make your stay that much more relaxing and memorable.

The room was so nice that we kind of slept in the first morning! The day before I had traveled back from Mexico just in time for this new getaway and these comfy beds just wouldn’t let me leave them! But you know I love my food, so eventually we made it into the communal kitchen for complimentary breakfast and enjoyed it vacay style!


The Wayfarer Hotel Rooms_erikadvm copy

Farmers Market_SB_TheWayfarer

Prior to this tip I had done my research (like the control freak that I am) to learn the best restaurants to visit and best way to get around. I had heard that The Wayfarer Hotel had an amazing location, but it wasn’t until I was there that I realized there was so much to cover by foot, you wouldn’t believe but everything is literally so close by! They do offer complimentary bikes to take around the area but the weather was so nice that we decided to put on comfy shoes and enjoy the Funk Zone this way. And if you haven’t been let me tell you it is so entertaining! From distinct wineries and restaurants that draw you in by the decor alone! To fun little boutiques, beautiful landmarks, the farmers market in main street on a sunny week day stroll but again, all at a walking distance from The Wayfarer Hotel. Sounds nice doesn’t it?? Keep reading to make the most out of your next trip.

WINE Tasting SB

This hotel has an agreement with a local winery that is literally around the corner which is called Paradise Springs Winery that when you mention you’re saying at the hotel, they will give you a complimentary wine tasting. So of course we made sure to stop by! We were greeted by the kindest woman who let us take our time enjoying each glass of wine while we marvelled at the modern design this winery has and of course take the oppounity to capture some photos —-Two bloggers traveling together remember?? Of course we were clicking away every 2 seconds— I love a girls trip!! So anyways, don’t forget to stop by this little gem because it was really fun part of our day, I fully recommend it.

POOL DAY at The Wayfarer Hotel_erikadvm

Of course our trip wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t actually enjoy the hotel’s amenities and that calls for a Pool day or in our case two pool days…

The Wayfarer Hotel


the wayfarer hotel_travel blogger

The hotel has a lovely view so it was such a joy to come back from lunch and layout for a few hours until dinner time and then it was off to more exploring! We came across this beautiful little Spanish looking restaurant with bugamvillea flowers all over called Loquita which was SO DELICIOUS! We had dinner here and ordered way too many appetizers plus the Paella which is a good size for two people. Out of all the restaurants we tried in the area, I would say this was my favorite one so I’m definitely going back.

Overall I had a really fun time! I had only been to Santa Barbara once before on a day trip, but there is nothing like being able to stay at a comfortable Hotel to fully enjoy your surroundings! Pacifica Hotels offers the small hotel experience for a good reason, the service will always be a personalized one that will ensure a highly pleasant experience like the one I had but always at an affordable price, it’s a win-win. I encourage you to look into their many locations for your next trip! I hope you found this helpful. There is much more traveling I have scheduled for the rest of this year so check back for my next adventure!

The Wayfarer Hotel: https://www.wayfarersb.com                                                                        Phone: 805-845-1000 | Address: 12 E Montecito St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

As always thank you for reading,

xo Erika




My Love For Naturally Inspired Skin Care Products

As I’ve talked about on my blog before, I’ve been looking into beauty products that are more naturally based and therefore less damaging to my skin. I can’t stress enough the importance of paying attention to the ingredients these skin care products have in them! You can never be too informed when it comes to your face routine. And I am happy to share that this year I discovered a wonderful new brand called found that is formulated with 90-99% natural ingredients, crazy good right?

I created this blog to share my new finds and experiences, to share my real opinion on all matters concerning Fashion, Beauty and pretty much everything I find inspiring. And 3 years later it has been an amazing journey! But along with it I always want to continue being real with you my readers. This is something I’m truly excited about so I hope you find it helpful on your journey to beautiful and healthy skin! Now let’s get right into it…

FOUND Beauty Oil_Erikadvm

This new beauty brand found initially caught my eye because of their transparency simple as that. I loved how they disclose the percentage of Natural ingredients up front and center, you’ll find it in every product (which is surprisingly high) but what I really wasn’t expecting was the price point. Usually skin care brands in the same niche turn out to be really expensive but not this one. It’s currently sold at select Walmart stores, Walmart.com and discoverfound.com

They have collections for every need:

  1. Brightening       4. Pore Care
  2. Clarifying           5. Sensitive
  3. Firming               * You can find more info HERE

I will go more in depth in the following months, but for now I want to focus on my current favorites and why I love them! First is the Chia Seed Oil which is 99% Natural and so light weight that it leaves my skin feeling smooth, radiant and equally important, it doesn’t feel oily on my skin after I apply my makeup (extra points for that!!). The first time I applied it I liked how it made my skin feel, but I didn’t necessarily see firmer skin right away, however I have been applying it every morning and I find that with continued use, it makes a difference! My face feels softer and my mind is at ease knowing that I’m using a product that is safe for my skin since it’s formulated without harmful parabens, MI & MIT CMIT preservatives or nanotechnology and the applicator makes easy to use just the right amount. If you’re looking to replace your face oil you might want to check this one out.


Next is theGreen Coffee Gel Eye Cream  , this one is 91% Natural which I appreciate because I’ve had my mom’s voice in my head for years about how the skin around the eyes is SO sensitive that of course I only want the most natural ingredients possible for the area and this one does the job beautifully. The ingredients in this formula soothe my skin and helps with my puffy eyes in the morning so I’ve been dying to do a review on this one. I’ve been using it on both morning and night time.

Now we can’t forget about the Lips!! Or at least I can’t because I’m one of those people that have chapped lips all year round (so annoying) and the Exfoliating Lip Scrub has come to my rescue <3 It says to use 2-3 times a week but honestly I’ve been using it more like 3-4 times a week and LOVE IT ( I haven’t seen any bad results, on the contrary, but I recommend using as instructed in packaging). The poppy seeds are light enough to not damage the skin but just enough to smooth and nourish, it’s the perfect balance and when I apply my favorite lipsticks they apply smoother so I’m sold on it.



And last but not least is of course a refreshing face mask. I specially use sheet masks on Mondays after staying up later than usual on the weekends and having spent more time under the sun. This keeps my skin from looking dull by bringing back it’s natural glow and moisture. Plus found has several but the Cucumber Sheet Mask for Sensitive Skin so it’s my No. 1 right now. This mask is 94% Natural and the Aloe Vera calms the redness on then sides of my face. After washing my face in the morning, I’ll apply this mask for about 20 min while I check my email and voilá beautiful skin to start the week! The Coconut and Argan Sheet masks feel amazing too so I would encourage you to try either as well.

These are my top favorites from found but I have many more products I want to cover so keep an eye for future posts here on the blog and on my Instagram  . Also feel free to let me know your thoughts on more natural inspired beauty brands, I’m interested to hear your experiences and if you’ve used this one before then please let me know which product you loved most by commenting below.

As always think you for reading!

xo Erika

Promo Code for 20% Off: ERIKAxfound20


I’m sharing a more personal post this week. I recently went to the doctor because my health was acting up and I couldn’t figure out how to feel better. The doctor convinced me to get a Food Intolerance test and well long story short, it turns out I present high reactions to certain foods –I was shocked! I’ve always paid special attention to what I eat and I thought I knew my body pretty well but I guess we never stop learning about our bodies. So now I’ve been implementing a new diet and I feel better than ever.

When I posted about it on my Instagram Stories I got so many DMs asking me which test I had taken and where, how long it took, how much it cost me and it went on and on… I’m no expert on this, but I decided to share the blog post on my experience in case it helps someone out there. So here it is… I took the General Food Panel: IgG and I was very happy with it. Basically what this test tells you is if you are sensitive to certain foods or food categories through a “Reaction Class” that presents different levels starting from:

O (no reaction), I (very low), II (low) , III (moderate), IV (high), V (very high) and up to VI (extremely high) on the categories: Dairy, Meat/Fowl, Misc, Fruits, Fish/Crustacea/Mollusk, Grains/Legumes/Nuts, Vegetables.

That said, I know there are more tests out there so it all depends on what your doctor recommends for your specific needs and that’s why I would recommend consulting your own doctor or Allergist / Immunologist. As for the place, I had been going to a local Naturopathic doctor in Orange County (this type of medicine is new to me but the results can’t be denied) and that’s when she suggested I took this test. Now as for the price I believe I paid $150 which I wasn’t excited about! But it was super easy, they got my blood sample there at her office (almost fainted like I always do when it involves needles and blood), they sent it to a Lab and about a week or so after I got my results. And I am sooo happy I decided to do it! I learned so much about my body.

*Of course you can ask your own doctor about this test, I just so happened to want to try a Naturopathic one but yours might even be a little less pricey, not sure, the point is that you go to someone you trust.

Before I took this test I was 99% sure I was waiting my money and my time thinking I didn’t have any issues with food… HA! I was so wrong. No I’ve learned that it never hurts to check up on our general health. Whatever your motivation is, whether you wish to find out more about your body, find a solution to a recurrent health problem or simply because Summer is coming up and we want to look and feel our best, at the end of the day being informed about our health is always beneficial and in my case it was eye opening! 

My doctor explained to me that over the years our bodies can present new reactions to things that never harmed us before and vice versa. And now that I think about it, its true! I remember not being able to eat shrimp as a kid because I would break out in what looked like hives (ALL OVER MY BODY) but I loved shrimp, so I would be a sneaky kid and eat it when my parents weren’t looking so back to the hospital we would go. But now I can eat it every day and it does absolutely nothing to me and I never understood why, until now. She also explained that some reactions are not as visible to the eye so they’re hard to catch, that some present as internal problems. Like for example, ever since I changed my diet I have so much more energy, my sleeping patterns have also improved, but even my skin looks and feels better, less acne for sure and so many more aspects that I won’t bore you with and it’s only been about two months. I never realised how food can play such a huge role on all these other matters. Of course, just because I had those results does not mean it will be the same for everyone, but I think it’s so interesting and worth knowing if our bodies are trying to tell us something.

But anyways I now find myself avoiding eggs, mushrooms, pineapple, tuna, casein, whey, amaranth, dairy (still mourning over that one) and some others. But it got me thinking, we are what we eat right? So if these foods are hurting my body then why put it through unnecessary pain when there are so many ways to replace these foods! Some are harder than others, for example I never ever noticed that dairy was a problem so that one was tough, but it turns out it was heavily connected to my acne and some other issues in my body so it had to go. However I’ve learned to replace it with Oat Milk and it is heaven!!! I love it so much. I first tried Almond milk but that makes me break out too and Coconut milk tastes kind of funny, so to me this was a great replacement. It’s all about paying attention to what your body needs, otherwise how do we expect to look or feel the way we wish if we don’t listen to it??

I’m going to wrap it up here but I hope this was helpful and worth your time! If you have any questions about this or any other topic you would like me to talk about then please leave me a comment below and never be afraid to dm me, I always always reply. All the love…

Hawaii Trip with Hyundai (New Kona Vehicle)

This past week I got to do something really exciting with HYUNDAI. I partnered with them to promote the new Kona Vehicle and test it all around The Big Island! They flew me and other Influencers to Kailua-Kona Hawaii (place where they got their inspiration for the car) and just explored the island for 4 days. It was such a fun adventure!!

First, let me say that I’ve had a long experience driving a Hyundai myself, so going into this I knew I could fully trust the company and feel confident about promoting their car. I would never post about something I don’t fully believe in. And I am extremely glad I was part of this media introduction because I was very impressed with this SUV! Specially by its advanced technology, but more not this later. First, for all of you who have not been to The Big Island before let me explain something I just learned on this first visit. The biodiversity of the island itself is insane! They have 8 micro climates, which means Hawaii is one of the most ecologically diverse locations in the world. It goes from one extreme to the next, a Humid tropical climate (how Hawaii always looked like in my head), to Winter dry, to monsoon, to Arid and semi-arid climates, to desert like dry, Summer warm and Summer cool. Crazy it’s all in one island right? Well it was the most perfect place to put this vehicle to the test and we certainly made the most of it!! In the everyday outings we drove it on all terrains… Volcanic rock scenery, secluded beautiful beaches, the wet tropical jungle, up the mountains where I swear I felt I was in Ireland and all in-between!

Hyundai Kona Erikadvm Hawaii Trip
*This is the Kona in Pulse Red color
Travel with Hyundai wander with love copy

Some of the most impressive features comes from their interior technology. The Kona connects with Amazon Alexa and Google Home plus the Blue Link Car System, so I downloaded the app as was quickly setting in the atmosphere of the car from my phone before I even got in the car! How cool is that? With Blue Link you can Lock and Unlock, Remote Start with cool or warm climate control, has remote car finder (HELLO so perfect for me! I always forget where I park) and so much more.

Plus Kona has the option of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay which we made the most of on these road trips, has an 8-inch color touchscreen with navigation, rear view monitor with parking guidance, rain sensing wipers, among other amazing features but my 2 favorite ones have to be the Head-Up Display which is a 8-inch clear display that pops-up with safety, navigation and audio information while you drive (great for those who easily distract like me) and the Wireless charger for you phone! I know, I know of all things… but the heart wants what it wants and mine was beating for it not to mention their phone retrieval reminder and how it’s compatible with Android and Apple Smartphones since I use both Google Pixel and iPhone. You just place it down and voilá it charges instantly while you drive, that easy!

Hyundai Kona Media Introduction Hawaii

“Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good”

I got to enjoy this trip with my other half Tom, who is also my photographer so this experience was extra special! I am lucky to have such a supportive man by my side. Honestly when it comes to traveling for work it can get stressful sometimes, there’s a lot of pressure to deliver high quality content, network and still trying to be in the moment but having someone on your team who gets that and knows how to calm you down when your perfectionist side is taking over is a true blessing! This trip was just the right balance of it because I had him with me, so I came back feeling overjoyed.

waipio valley hawaii
couples traveling

And not just that, but the entire Hyundai Team who came with us went above and beyond to make sure we had a magnificent time! Being an Influencer means you get to work with a wide variety of companies every year, some good and some not so great but let me tell you this team was beyond accommodating and prepared. I meant it, they perfectly planned the entire trip down to the very last little detail. From having members of their team waiting for us at every location with food and beverages, a fun itinerary with equally balanced leisure time to enjoy the cars as well as a variety of activities for us to try out all around the island, provided several suggested routes to take, you name it! They did it.

But above all, it felt more like a family atmosphere where everyone was genuinely connecting with one another and go to experience all the best the new Kona vehicle has to offer. To me all of this speaks very highly of their values and of who they are as a company. Having the opportunity to test out these exceptional cars was already an exciting experience but their kind attentions made it a truly memorable one and that will alway build genuine relationships.

Erikadvm Hawaii Hyundai Kona
HYUNDAI KONA - Wander With Love
hyundai kona Kailua Hawaii erikadvm
KONA Hyundai Hawaii Erikadvm

Now for someone who doesn’t have a family of their own yet and who loves taking long road trips with friends, I have to say this is a perfect option! I have all this extra room inside but it’s compact on the outside. It is very smartly designed and honestly with all the safety features and far better technology I am sold on it. I’ve been considering upgrading my car this year and haven’t gotten around to it yet but I’m seriously considering upgrading to this car, I meant take a look…

Erikadvm Hyundai Kona
Hyundai Kona Wander With Love Travels
*The Kona in Sonic Silver color with leather interiors 
Hyundia KONA Hawaii Erikadvm
Hyundai Kona erikadvm Hawaii
Wander With Love - Erikadvm - Hyundai
Photos by Thomas Freeman

I’m already having withdrawals from this beautiful trip but I am very happy with all the memories I came back with! I always encourage people to look into things themselves so here is the link for you to find out further info on their Shopper Assurance.

Thanks for stopping by,

xo Erika