White on White

Hi guys!

       How’s your Monday?? I am starting my week full of energy and motivated to reach my goals before the year ends! I  have big and exciting plans for 2016 so in honor of that I’ve decided to wear all white… a color associated with clean starts. And so I began with a little makeover to my website! I’ve been thinking about re-designing it for a while and Im very excited about how its turning out. This is just the first of many changes to come and Im so ready for it that Im practically jumping up and down of excitement for the future. Want to live your dreams? then you have to dress for it <3

And speaking of which… I want to share with you this week’s look! I am absolutely obsessed with this Lucy Paris White Eye Knit shirt/skirt. Its the perfect transition look for Fall in my lovely SoCal, where cool days are still settling and Fall is slowly moving in. Besides, who says you can only wear dark colors for Fall? It gets boring right? That’s why I enjoy switching it up a little. And to add the final touch, I went for a red lipstick. It always gives it that fierce and more confident look that every woman needs to get through the day. Try it, I know you’ll love it.

White outfit

White ootd

Fall look

white top

urban look

White skirt

white on white

fall look

Fall style

white skirt copy

white outfit

Im sending positive vibes to everyone and truly hope you have a week!

As always thanks for reading,

Love, Erika.

Happy Mothers Day! 

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet. I just want to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful women in our lives. Sisters, moms, aunts, grandmas and friends, to all of you that inspire us everyday I wish you the best! Im not lucky enough to spend the day with my mom (we live so far away) but to all of you that can I hope you have a wonderful time together! Enjoy your day ladies <3

Love, Erika

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Louise Roe Book Signing at The Grove

Hi Everyone,

            I’ve been working on a couple of posts and they will be ready very soon;) But for now I wanted to share an exciting event happening tonight at The Grove in LA. Lifestyle expert Louise Roe is presenting her new book at Barnes & Noble tonight at 7pm. Its very last minute I know but hopefully some of you will be able to make it! I just found out about it today, but I’ll stop by and of course will be adding to this post afterwards to share the experience with everyone who couldn’t make it;)

She will also be in conversation with Catt Sadler, co-host of E! News about personal style and tips on living a happier and more glamorous life. I love attending events and this one in particular sounds really interesting, plus it gives the perfect opportunity to add a new book to my list!

Louise Roe Book Sigining

*The images above are not mine.

For all of you that live in LA I hope you can make it. It seems like its going to be a fun event! See you there!

Okay so this is the Follow Up

“How to be the leading lady in your own life”

        First I have to say Louise Roe is the nicest person! She had us all laughing and made the event that much more enjoyable. I thought she was very authentic and its clear she has that passion and motivation to succeed, which I admired very much. We all dream of the future but very few have the courage it takes to go after what you want and it made me think of something my dad always told me.. He said, you can accomplish anything you want in life, as long as you’re whiling to work hard for it;) and she clearly has. Along with Catt Saddler, she talked about her background, from her internship experiences to working for Vogue, to how she came to write a book. But mostly I liked that she talked about how we need to stop being hard on our selves and start celebrating who we are today. How most people think they need to have a skinny model’s body to have great style and how that’s complete ”Rubish” as she put it in that British accent of hers;) And I couldn’t agree more! I believe its important to embrace everything you are and enjoy yourself:) And her book covers that and so much more. She gives tips on preparing for a job interview, on style and even on interior design. This book is timeless and I am very happy I was able to attend. I can’t stop reading it <3

Louise Roe Front Roe Book

Louise Roe

If any of you have been to her book launch or have purchased it let me know what you think! Also if you’ve read a book you loved please comment below, Im always looking for new things to read.

Thanks for stoping by,

Love, Erika

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Simply Stylist

Hi Everyone!

           Last week I mentioned the Simply Stylist Event and it finally came! Was anyone able to attend? For those of you who don’t know about it, Simply Stylist is a Beauty and Blogger Conference held to guide women turn their passion into a successful career. The conference took place at The Grove LA this past weekend and it was a day of learning, networking, pampering and enjoying delicious cocktails on a warm sunny Saturday.

All these events I’ve been going to have meant so much to me. The knowledge I get from them not only takes me closer to my goals but on a personal level it has given me a stronger sense of self, of who I am, what I like and the drive to go get it. I must admit Im not very extroverted and its not easy putting your self out there, but its been so rewarding that now I couldn’t imagine not doing it. So I encourage you to go out and meet people, it doesn’t have to be a huge event because trust me as soon as you start connecting with others, it will set the ball rolling and soon you’ll have trouble keeping up with all the events you’ll hear about and people you’ve met. The blogging community is very friendly, supportive and genuinely rooting for you to succeed so go out there and make the most of it;)

Simply Stylist

Above with my friend Karen from Little Black Shell. Love this girl! Its always a fun time with her;)

The Grove LA Simply Stylist at the grove

Simply Stylist Conference

Below is Jeanette Getrost who kindly made Custom Illustrations through out the event, complementary of course. I got mine and loved it! She even included my clutch in it..

Timeout LA  IMG_3625

The next Simply Stylist Conference is in Chicago July 18th and there will be another one in NYC for Fall, you can find more information Here. I fully recommend it, so if you’re in the area you should definitely go. Its a great learning experience and you get to support one another, which I have to say is kind of the best part! Love making new friends;) But if any one you have attended please comment below, I love would love to know how you liked it. Hope you have a great day!

As always thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

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Behind the scenes: Commercial Shoot

Hi Everyone,

         Hope your weekend was fun! Im sorry I haven’t been posting this past week, its been kind of busy lately but now that Spring Break is here I can finally relax, drink my rose tea and do what I love most, write on my blog!

Okay so last Thursday I got to do something really cool, I heard the Cool Kids from Echosmith were shooting a commercial for Jeep and I just had to go! Growing up my parents always kept a musical environment around the house, anywhere from classical music to 70’s rock, to my mom’s favorite latin music, which she would dance and twirl to all day long. Even as we kept moving from city to city we would add new music from every place we’d been; it became a little tradition of ours. And of course today its still a big part of who I am, I just love finding new bands to listen to and Echosmith has beautiful songs and simply the best vibes. So when I heard about their commerciaI, I immediately told my friend Karen from Little Black Shell and we got ready for a night of singing, dancing and behind the scenes fun;) It was really interesting to see how everything actually gets done. As a consumer you only get to see the perfect end result, but having experienced it from the other side I can see its really hard work! The director kept shooting from every possible angle, trying to keep us (the crowd) excited and energetic while trying to direct the band, focus on lighting and sound. They must have played their song Bright about 30 consecutive times until they got the shot they needed and as you can imagine Im dying to see the end result! At the end they gave us a private concert which closed with huge balloons full of confetti flying all over the set, it was so much fun! But of course, being a Fashion Blogger the part I loved the most was observing the makeup & style artist. She would go around fixing the four siblings before each and every take, making sure they were all scene perfect;) The vocalist Sydney Sierota was wearing a gorgeous white lace top and skirt combo with scalloped edges, a statement necklace and cut out oxford shoes which I loved!! Her make up was rose gold mixed with earthy tones which complimented her skin perfectly and a contagious lively attitude to go with it;)

Sydney Sierota

EchosmithEchosmith CommercialSydney SierotaIMG_3307Echosmith behind the sceneSydney SierotaIMG_3439IMG_3441_2IMG_3470

I realize this was a different direction from what I usually post about, but I just love trying new things. I believe in being open to new opportunities so even if its not exactly fashion related, I still found it very interesting and enjoyed seeing the side of production, styling, filming and just event planing all together and I hope you did too;) I’ll be blogging about more Fashion Events this week so follow along for more!

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

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Create Cultivate + Meeting Song of Style, Julia Hengel & Devon Rachel

Hi Everyone,

     I want to share with you the contents of my weekend at Create Cultivate Event. First of all for all of you who don’t know who they are, Create Cultivate is a summit for Fashion, Design and Business Entrepreneurs to share and inspire through conferences across the country. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet talented and amazing people in the industry and truly learn from the best! The event took place at Culver City’s Art District where we got to hear from key note speakers such as Song of Style, Julianne Hough, The Fat Jewish, Julia Hengel, Devon Rachel, Peace Love Shea, Whitney Port, Eat Sleep Wear and so many more! Bloggers from all over came together this saturday to support one another and have a great time! I cant even begin to explain how happy I am that I attended because what I took from this event will stay with me forever.

This event was intended for everyone seeking a creative outlet to learn and get inspired no matter their level of success, age or whether they were looking to start a business or continue to grow their successful careers. And thats exactly what was so great about it! We all came together to learn not only from our mentors and guest speakers but from each other. At one point I found myself sitting next to a woman who had over 600,000 followers on Instagram and another one who run two successful businesses and was only in her mid 30’s and of course there I was, a new blogger trying to learn the way it all works and I thought how wonderful that not for a second did I ever feel out of place or unwelcome. This is everything that I love about blogging, how close this community really is. About 80% of the people went by themselves, myself included and it was amazing how by the end of it, everyone was talking to each other as if they’d known them forever.

The panels that I loved the most were the ones with Whitney Port, Julianne Hough and The Fat Jewish they had me laughing so hard! Song of Style was also amazing. I was surprised to learn how hard she really worked to get to where she is today. Still a college student, working a full time job and making all the sacrifices to build her blog, it takes so much focus and dedication but clearly it payed off;) My absolute favorite though was meeting Devon Rachel. She was one of my mentors at the event and I cant begin to express how nice and helpful she was. Every question she was asked she answered in great detail and with such honesty! She was very encouraging and was not afraid to give us actual tips and advise, as opposed to the generic answers you always get. I am so grateful I was able to get into her group because I took so much from her. It is always wonderful when someone you look up to turns out to be so down to earth and lovely as she was. I simply had the best time and 100% recommend this event! Here are some photos I took…

Create Cultivate

IMG_3081Create Cultivate

Create Cultivate

Create CultivateCreate + CultivateIMG_3096Create Cultivate
Song of Style
Song of Style

Create CultivateDevon_RachelIMG_3084Julia Hengel

This was a really inspiring event and this next weekend Im attending the Simply Stylist Event so follow along for more! If you have any questions feel free to comment below;)

Thank you for reading!

Love, Erika

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Couture Night

Hi Everyone!

      Last Night was OC Fashion Week’s Grand Finale and hands down my favorite show! It was a night of Couture to celebrate the end of this marvelous week and there was no better venue than Dawson Cole Fine Art Gallery in Laguna Beach. I attended the event with my friends and fellow bloggers Little Black Shell and Pink Creative Studio , we enjoyed a great night of Fashion & Champagne and got the pleasure of supporting our local Designers, the very talented Charmaine Joie among them. The runway was filled with sheer gold fabrics and saturated tones that added a dramatic look to the collections. Needless to say guests were in awe for the beautiful designs, simply the best night!

Couture runwayshows

Couturerunwayrunway dress black dressCouture GownBloggersturquoisePencil Skirt

This past week has been a great experience, I got to do what I love the most and it has definitely inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. Its a great feeling when you take a risk and get so much support from friends and wonderful people out there and I would be more than happy to show my support for others as well, so don’t be afraid to leave a comment and link below, Im always on the look for new blogs that inspire. Also Im very excited for new events to come so follow along for more!

Thank you for reading,

Love, Erika

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For last night’s show I wore a Zara Midi Skirt & Heels and H&M Top.

OC Fashion Week

        This month is OC Fashion Week and its been really fun attending all the shows and blogger events! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many amazing and talented people and to see their collections on the runway has been a great experience. Saturday’s Fashion Show was held at Newport Lexus where the runway was filled with bright hues, florals, statement hats and bold accessories that I loved. Here are some of my favorites…

Fashion Runway



Runway Showsandy and medesigner

Above designs by fab blogger Kimberly Luu



Fashion Designer

More on OC Fashion Week to come!

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

 *Fashion Illustration photo above does not belong to me.

Its by Yoco Nagamiya, you can find it here.

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Watercolor and Wine


I love trying new things whenever I can, it keeps me inspired to do something creative with my day and where I live there are so many things do! This past week I attended a Watercolor and Wine class taught by the talented Kim Malachowski in Laguna Beach. I went with my blogger friend Karen and we had so much fun! I had been wanting to try that class for about 6 months and last Wednesday I finally had the opportunity to go. The class took place at Sourced Collective where we got to experiment with different watercolor techniques, drink wine and hangout with a great group of girls! Each of us got our own set of watercolor kits and we spent the night chatting and painting for about 2 hours, it was the perfect way to spend my Wednesday night! Kim was so nice and patient with everyone, she had her intern with her to assist us in anything we needed and at the end we got to take home our supplies with us;) And okay I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best painter but I do love a new experiences so I just had fun with it;) which is the whole point in taking these classes right?:) So if you’re into creative workshops and are looking for a fun night with your girls this is the perfect place to be, I fully recommend it! Here are some photos I took…

watercolor class

watercolor materials

watercolor workshop


*This last group photo I borrowed from Instagram

The next Watercolor Workshop will be March 25th from 7-9pm at Sourced Collective 950 Glenneyre Street, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. Make sure to stop by and enjoy your week!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Erika

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Louis Vuitton Series 2

This month I’ve been checking out the art scene in LA to keep my inspiration going. And this weekend’s choice was the Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibit, it was hands down my favorite one so far! My blogger friend Karen is usually just as excited as I am to check out new places, so we decided to check it out. The exhibition consisted of several rooms that represented the Past, Future and Present collections of the house of Louis Vuitton and each one was incredible!

Going in, the first thing you see is the LV logo in 3D followed by a room with hologram images in large scale (I posted a video below) which was insane! The exhibit also had a pure white room where everything from the mannequins to the floors and walls was blended in continuos light. This room was dedicated mainly to accessories so every piece stood out beautifully. But my absolute favorite part was the Infinite Room which showcased the Spring 2015 runway show in a 360º degree mirrored room. I have to admit I was in awe with the level of creativity that was put into this exhibition, it was very inspiring. If you are in the area and you have a love for Fashion and Art, then you must pay a visit. Trust me its worth it! I posted the dates and the address below;) There’s a couple more events I’ll be going to in the next few weeks so follow along for more;)

Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibit

#LVSeries2 Exhibit

LVSeries2 Louis Vuitton Series 2Louis Vuitton Handbag

coloredLouis Vuitton Spring 2015

I’ll leave you with a short video I made. And also I would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to comment below:)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week!

Love, Erika

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The exhibition is open to the public and it will run until Feb 22

1135 North Highland Avenue

For any other questions feel free to email me at erika@wanderwithlove.co or comment below;)