Living the Mermaid life

Hello my lovely readers!

         I have new and exciting goals in life… ready? I want to live, breathe and dance the mermaid life. And what exactly does that mean? Did she go crazy? all very reasonable questions.. but no, I have not. Im simply saying I want to live free and happy at the sea… the one place that always held my true happiness. Growing up my family moved every year, but no matter what different city or country we moved to we were always by the beach, my true home. With summer just around the corner all I want is to take a swim in the cool california water, have sand on my toes and live in maxi dresses and beach coverups. And hey, If I could pull off the sea shell look I would wear that too! but since I can’t, a long colorful skirt and leotard had to do <3 for now…

Its been hard shooting lately because apparently June gloom is a real thing, who knew? I sure didn’t, being from Mexico you either get tropical thunder or a sunny beautiful sky, but California has been rather grey lately… but just as I was about to give up, the sun came out! So we decided to shoot at the beach and leave the LA scene for another day. In Laguna there’s a place with beautiful arches so of course my friend and I had to pay a visit. For this look I wanted a long silhouette but full of movement. You should always have fun with the clothes you wear, so channel your inner mermaid and head out all wrapped in color and a free spirit!

long skirt   Living the Mermaid Life

summer ootd

beach day

blue skirt ocean view


What I wore:

Black Leotard from American Apparel | Long Blue Skirt from Zara

I had a lot of fun shooting at this location, hope you can all spend some time near the beach this summer as well. Thanks so much for reading, hope you have a lovely weekend!

Love, Erika

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Fav Spots: Laguna Beach

Hi there!

         I hope everyone’s weekend was fun. If you follow me on Instagram you already know I spent mine in Laguna Beach. It was so sunny and beautiful that I wanted to take a little day trip so I went with my friend Karen, who was nice enough to take these photos;) We walked around town, had lunch at Cafe Anastasia and visited some of our favorite shops. On days like these I love wearing something cute but comfortable so I decided to wear this sunglow yellow romper, its flowy and the color is so bold that it instantly puts me in a better mood. I’ve been really busy lately with a change of home address thats just around the corner, so its nice to just have a couple of days to relax with a good friend.

With summer style I always try to shop for items that are one full color instead of the typical flower prints because it makes the outfit look more clean and timeless. Plus its easier to accessorize and match with other clothes you may have. Try it, you’ll love the bold statement and you’ll look more fresh!

Summer Romper

Summer Look

summer romper

Day Look

Laguna Beach


What I wore:

Sunglow Long Sleeve Romper & Heels by Forever21

I absolutely love Laguna, its full of cute spots to visit and the beaches are beautiful! I plan to keep going in the next few weeks so you’ll be seeing more of my favorite spots down there. I hope you have a great week!

Thanks so much for reading,

Love, Erika

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Walk the walk

               Oversized knits and high heels are my go to this week. With this crazy weather getting windy then hot then windy again.. I find myself embracing the change and just going with it. In fashion its important to adapt to whatever is going on around you and learn to work with what you have so this week Im experimenting with texture and flowy silhouettes. Thats how I landed on this caribbean teal sweater but I wanted to bring out the tone even more so I knew a dark tone was the way to go. You should never be afraid to pair a bold color with black, I mean sure, you can go safe mixing it with nude but if you dare to have fun with it you’ll see how pairing it with a bright color makes it pop that much more. Its simple yet fun and no accessories needed other than my sunnies, Im ready to go;)


Spring Day Look

OOTD Turquoise

OOTD Details

Spring colors

Oversized Knit

What I wore:

Oversized Teal Sweater by H&M | Leggins by Zara | Pumps by Marciano 

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

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White canvas in the city

                  This weekend was like a clean & fresh start. With the last few weeks of Spring many changes are coming and Im excited for whats next. Right now Im counting the weeks until I get to travel back home and see my family and friends. Mexico is a beautiful place and I cant wait to go relax in paradise. But for now, I have the city as my white canvas to enjoy and explore. Im referring to the art installation on Sunset Boulevard of course. As many of you might have heard, Bates Motel is currently washed out in from floor to ceiling, to the palm trees surrounding the area and it is absolutely stunning. Artist Vincent Lamouroux covered every inch of the abandoned building in a ecological lime wash paint and it has been the dominating source of inspiration for the citizens of LA, myself included;) And after a day of running around the city with my friend Karen from Little Black Shell we decided it was time to pay the visit!

I constantly get style inspiration from what’s surrounding me, I love to wander through the city and apply that inspiration to my everyday lifestyle, this shoot was influenced by this temporary form of art and its gorgeous location.

White Canvas

White canvas on sunset

White Canvas


Project LA

White Out

White Installation


White canvas in the city

 Thank you for reading,

Love, Erika

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Last Days of Spring

Hi there, happy Thursday!

         I am very excited because I just realized that exactly one month from today Summer officially starts! My favorite time of year is just around the corner and I’ll be living in my favorite swimsuits and bright beach coverups all Summer long. But until that day comes Im still loving a light color palette for Spring. For this look I chose a cream button down shirt with front pockets, gold & pink necklace, lace shorts with scalloped edges and my gold Zara slippers I love so much. Perfect look for a lovely afternoon in Orange County. I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve been busy planning for these next few months, there will be lots of travel, different collaborations and exciting new events to come. For now Im enjoying the last days of Spring and keep the good vibes coming!

light colors for spring

Outfit DetailsOutfit Details


What I wore:

Button Down Shirt by H&M |  Gold Layered Necklace by No Rest for Bridget | Lace Shorts by Sfera | Gold Slippers by Zara

Hope you enjoy the rest of your week, thanks so much for reading!

Love, Erika

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Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 12.23.11 PM

Love for Neutrals

          Lately I’ve been very inspired by soft colors. There’s something soothing about the cream and pale blue jeans combo that helps turn my busy day into a more relaxed & breezy one. I mean sure, Spring is all about the rich hues and Im usually the first to jump at any excuse to ad some color to my day, BUT lets not shy away from lighter tones. Its a classic that you can easily put an edge to, I dare you to reinvent neutrals;)

Fashion has always been a big part of my life so Im always on the look for new sources of inspiration, whether it comes from color, a new boutique, a twist on a existing brand or new designers out there. But lately I’ve been obsessing over one particular brand. Ever since Marissa Webb took over Banana Republic, the brand has evolved beautifully. Without going too far from what its base customer is used to, BR came up with a fresh + more chic look and Im definitely a fan! Its boy meets girl done right. Of course I couldn’t help but be inspired so here’s my take on it… with distressed jeans to keep it casual, nude heels and the organic feel of a lace blouse Im ready to go!

OOTD CaliforniaOOTD Cream Colors

OOTD Destressed Jeans

OOTD Details

Look of the Day

OOTD white blouse

Street Style California

Outfit Details

Street Style

What I wore:

 Embroidered Lace Blouse from No Rest for Bridget | Distressed Jeans by L.A. Hearts | Clutch by Banana Republic  | Nude heels by Forever 21

Are lighter tones part of your wardrobe? If not its time to add some pieces to your spring/summer look! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

Thanks so much for reading,

Love, Erika

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Love your Celfie

              Ok I have a confession… Im a little obsessed with Sincerely Jules Collection! A few months ago I attended her PopUp Shop in LA and of course I had to get her Celfie Tee😉 There was just something about this simple & chic style that I loved. Its the perfect item to have in your closet, its easy to style and its great for those busy days where all you want to wear is something comfortable but cute.

I mean don’t get me wrong, Im always excited for any excuse to dress up and wear heels.. it makes me feel feminine and confident;) But I do have my days were I love a more casual look and thats okay too;) I feel like these days its easy to get pushed into one style but just because it works for a few doesn’t mean its right for everyone. So find your style, what works for you, what makes you feel beautiful and go wear it! Its all about being you right? Got to love your celfie <3

Shop Sincerely Jules Outfit

Shop Sincerely Jules

Celfie Tee


Celfie Tee_

Details Sincerely Jules

Im wearing:

Celfie Tee from Sincerely Jules | Denim Jacket & Leggings from Zara | Ankle Boots from Pacsun

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

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Dressing up & dressing down

            We’ve all been there, that moment when you wish you had a second outfit in the back of your car for impromptu plans, but have nothing! You panic.. or at least I know I have;) The truth is you never know how your day is going to go, you leave the house in the morning with a schedule in mind, but something comes up and you wish you had dressed for it. That is why I love versatile outfits like this one! You can either dress it up or dress it down when needed and you’re good to go. Honestly its all about the accessories. If I had worn this outfit with cute sandals, a tote bag and my hair up in a pony tail it would have been perfect for a busy day in SoCal;) but just by adding heels, a chunky necklace and retouching my makeup, I have a more put together look in a matter of seconds. You have to be prepared right? Its the details that make the outfit. Here’s what I wore..


OUTFIT DETAILSDress up & dress down


Im wearing:

 Long sleeve white top from H&M with front pockets | Roxy army green shorts |

Braided necklace from Pull & Bear | Heels from BCBG

I LOVE these heels. Everyone has a little special item in their closet they can’t get enough of, am I right? Well these are my faithful companions and I cant seem to let go! What is your go to look?

Have a great rest of your week!

Love, Erika

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OOTD: Spring Style

Happy Friday!

         Lately I’ve been very inspired by Spring and its bright colors so I decided to do an outfit post for the blog. I live in Newport Beach, California therefore I love colorful outfits and flowy silhouettes and with Easter coming up, I though what better than yellow to start the weekend;) I believe there’s a hue of yellow for everyone whether its Amber, Golden, Canary, Ivory, you just have to find the one that works best with your skin tone. Also with a long skirt like this it will help make your body look taller, slimmer and the best part? Its comfortable to wear! Its a fresh and easy look that is perfect for lunch with friends, meeting up with the bf for cocktails at sunset or even an afternoon of shopping;) Which Im never opposed to! Guilty..

I always try to keep it simple and ad just a few accessories. For this look I knew I wanted a statement necklace but didn’t want to over do it, so I went for a small clutch and sandals to keep it casual.

Spring Style

OOTDSpring Style

Spring Outfit

Spring 2015

Spring Style

Here’s what I wore:

Top from H & M | Skirt from ZARA | Necklace from Urban Outfitters | Clutch from Sfera | Sandals from BCBG

     Also I wanted to share with you guys that this weekend Im off to Mexico to celebrate my boyfriend’s B-Day! We rented a house right in front of the beach where the girls can tan and catch up;) while the guys go surfing, its the perfect weekend! Will is the most amazing guy and so supportive.. he’s the one who took these photos btw;) He’s just a wonderful boyfriend and I want him to have the best weekend ever! I’ll be posting some photos from our trip later this weekend..

But for now tell me what’s your Spring go to? Jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses? Let me know by commenting below! Hope you guys have a great Friday:)

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

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Create Cultivate + Meeting Song of Style, Julia Hengel & Devon Rachel

Hi Everyone,

     I want to share with you the contents of my weekend at Create Cultivate Event. First of all for all of you who don’t know who they are, Create Cultivate is a summit for Fashion, Design and Business Entrepreneurs to share and inspire through conferences across the country. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet talented and amazing people in the industry and truly learn from the best! The event took place at Culver City’s Art District where we got to hear from key note speakers such as Song of Style, Julianne Hough, The Fat Jewish, Julia Hengel, Devon Rachel, Peace Love Shea, Whitney Port, Eat Sleep Wear and so many more! Bloggers from all over came together this saturday to support one another and have a great time! I cant even begin to explain how happy I am that I attended because what I took from this event will stay with me forever.

This event was intended for everyone seeking a creative outlet to learn and get inspired no matter their level of success, age or whether they were looking to start a business or continue to grow their successful careers. And thats exactly what was so great about it! We all came together to learn not only from our mentors and guest speakers but from each other. At one point I found myself sitting next to a woman who had over 600,000 followers on Instagram and another one who run two successful businesses and was only in her mid 30’s and of course there I was, a new blogger trying to learn the way it all works and I thought how wonderful that not for a second did I ever feel out of place or unwelcome. This is everything that I love about blogging, how close this community really is. About 80% of the people went by themselves, myself included and it was amazing how by the end of it, everyone was talking to each other as if they’d known them forever.

The panels that I loved the most were the ones with Whitney Port, Julianne Hough and The Fat Jewish they had me laughing so hard! Song of Style was also amazing. I was surprised to learn how hard she really worked to get to where she is today. Still a college student, working a full time job and making all the sacrifices to build her blog, it takes so much focus and dedication but clearly it payed off;) My absolute favorite though was meeting Devon Rachel. She was one of my mentors at the event and I cant begin to express how nice and helpful she was. Every question she was asked she answered in great detail and with such honesty! She was very encouraging and was not afraid to give us actual tips and advise, as opposed to the generic answers you always get. I am so grateful I was able to get into her group because I took so much from her. It is always wonderful when someone you look up to turns out to be so down to earth and lovely as she was. I simply had the best time and 100% recommend this event! Here are some photos I took…

Create Cultivate

IMG_3081Create Cultivate

Create Cultivate

Create CultivateCreate + CultivateIMG_3096Create Cultivate
Song of Style
Song of Style

Create CultivateDevon_RachelIMG_3084Julia Hengel

This was a really inspiring event and this next weekend Im attending the Simply Stylist Event so follow along for more! If you have any questions feel free to comment below;)

Thank you for reading!

Love, Erika

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