Wildfox Adventure for Valentines!

Hi there!

         As you know Valentine’s day is just around the corner and in the spirit of Love and Friendship my blogger friend Karen Farber from Little Black Shell and I decided to collaborate in a special photoshoot! We shoot together very often but usually one of us is behind the camera and its fun, but we are also close friends so we wanted to do a collab for you guys and hopefully share some inspiration!

We had talked about doing this photoshoot for some time, so we planned every single detail. From the matching Wildfox Sweaters and ripped jeans to the dream like location. We wanted to inspire our readers and have fun while doing it so the old carousel seemed like the perfect fit and we loved how Wildfox designs just give off that “bff party in wonderland” kind of vibe, so it was the perfect combo! Luckily we had the help of our other blogger friend Vincent from Myself Vincent to help us shoot. He did an amazing job! And the 3 of us got to hang out and be silly together which as you might have seen on Snapchat in the past, there’s never a dull moment with these two! Im very lucky to have them to share the same passion for blogging. I love celebrating every single holiday but Valentines is one of my favorite ones!! Im such a cliche girl but I dont care, I love cute cheesy things so wether you have your besties with you or your boyfriend/husband or both! This day just calls for lots of fun and laughter, so dress comfy and cute and go enjoy it!! Hope you guys like it…









best friends





What we wore:

Sweaters from Wildfox: Red found Here and Black Here/ Moto Ripped Jeans from Topshop at Nordstrom / Open Ankle Boot from Zara / Classic Round Metal Sunglasses from Rayban

Im currently in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a quick trip so I wont get to celebrate Valentines until I get back. However I did get to celebrate with my friends on this shoot and had the best time! For you bloggers out there, its always fun to collaborate with other bloggers, no matter the occasion so if you haven’t yet, I encourage you to go do it!

You can check more of this collab on Karen’s blog! So make sure to stop by and take a peak by clicking Here <3 I wish you all have the best time on this love filled holiday!2

Love, Erika

Unleash Your Inner Tomboy

Hi guys,

          Hope your week is going great! I have been getting ready for a Mexico trip I have coming up which Im very excited about. But as I was looking through old blog posts and seeing what I wanted to cover this week I realized I am forever in heels and feminine dresses. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, I know what works for me so I stick to it;) but its also nice to try new things! So this week I decided to go for a more boyish style. I am all about channeling your own Girl Boss but I also think there’s something fun and liberating about unleashing your inner Tomboy. Who says you have to stick to pink and ruffles (not my style but Im not judging) so hey why not?!

I have been pinning the Tomboy Look for ages but I had yet to try it. So I grabbed my favorite black ripped jeans and styled them with this beautiful boxy blazer I was given this Christmas and paired it with this funny tee, added a cross body leather bag and… ankle boots (that’s right ladies no heels) and voila! Im just like a boy. I have to admit it was fun! I was trying my hardest to stomp and look manly on this photoshoot which of course I failed at but it was refreshing to go with this new direction.  Please let me know what you think!

Tomboy Style

How to pull off Tomboy Style


Ripped Jeans

Boyish Look

Like a boy

Your Inner Tomboy

Tomboy Look


Black Ankle Boots

What I wore:

Blue Tee from Brandy Melville | Blazer, Jeans & Black Ankle Boots all from Zara .

For more Boyish Style Inspiration head over to my Pinterest board and take a look:

Follow Wander With Love’s board | TOMBOY | on Pinterest.

Thanks so much for reading!

Love, Erika.

Fashion Blogging: Tips, Tricks and The Truth Behind It

Hi guys!

            Lately I’ve been reading a lot about blogging, other blogger’s experience in the industry, how they started and how they continue to grow. We all have a different thing we bring to the table, different styles, we come from a different background and I find it very interesting! So I got inspired and would like to share what’s worked for me. I am NO expert but when I first started blogging almost a year ago, I wished there was someone out there who could give me real tips on how to do it. So every month I’ll try to share little tips and tricks I’ve learned and help you grow.

For starters let me say that its not as glamorous as it seems! Your job as a fashion blogger is to inspire people, to show them how to style current trends and to make it seem effortless. When there’s nothing effortless about it. Truth is, I always end up changing in my car in between shoots, I put myself out there every single day and reach out to others and I will spend a considerable amount of time taking the perfect photo with the right angle and light in the hope to inspire others. But even after that, when it comes to Instagram we all use apps and tricks to enhance our photos, so these are the ones I use:


  • PicsArt: I love it! Easy to use and somehow at the end of editing, the quality of your photo magically improves. I use this one a lot. Then..
  • Facetune: I use this one to whiten photos, I hate it when I have white details in my photo and they came out yellow. So use the whiten brush. Also you can smooth skin which makes it look a little more professional. DO NOT OVER DO IT. You don’t want to look fake and honestly, perfect is boring so just use it only when necessary.
  • VSCO: I use this one to plan my future Instagram posts. If you go to library, they have the same layout as Instagram so it makes it easier for me to see if my next photo will go with the aesthetic of my feed.
  • Retouch: I use this one a lot because I shoot in dirty LA all the time and no matter how careful you are, when going through photos I always end up seeing dark spots on the ground and it bothers me like you wouldn’t believe. So I use clone stamp and brush to clean it up or clone any part of the wall that gives me trouble.

And yes I do this with almost every single photo on my feed.


But that is not enough. Posting a pretty photo is just step one. You need to have real engagement with your followers. Don’t be lazy, if people take the time to write a comment on your photo (blog or social media accounts) then show appreciation and answer them. I get busy and sometimes I’ll take a while to reply but I try to do it as much as I can. Also don’t just say ”Aw Cute” and expect people to care. If you are leaving a comment, say something real and show your personality! Its an opportunity to show them who yo are. Remember, people can always tell when you’re being fake so go for real engagement. Another thing I’ve learned is that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask people questions! If I like the way someone edited their blog post or have a photography question, I’ll email them and in a respectful and honest way, I will compliment their work and ask any questions I may have. Most of the time people get back to me and are truly happy to see that their work and effort is not going unnoticed, so don’t be shy.


Everyone and I do mean everyone should care about this. But specially if you’re starting out because you should definitely reach out to local bloggers around you, again don’t be shy! Thats the first thing I did. Go to events in your community and when you do, don’t spend the entire time in a corner staring at your phone, TALK to people. I’ve met some of my best friends this way; you need to get your name out there. Hey, Im an introvert so trust me I know how hard and intimidating it can be, BUT once you start it becomes so much easier! Now I don’t even think about it. I love meeting new and talented people, it inspires me.

Quick story…. I remember the first time I attended an event by myself. It was Create and Cultivate last year. I was supposed to go with a blogger friend and in the end she couldn’t make it. Did I miss the event?? NO. I had only been blogging for 3 months, was under 500 followers on Instagram and still figuring things out. But I decided I wanted to meet people that were doing the same thing I was doing, so I didn’t get intimidated and went. I mean I was still a little nervous because it was a huge event and there were some serious bloggers there. But to my surprise, from the moment I parked and started walking over I had already met 4 bloggers, easy as that. And as the day went on I got so many business cards (of course I followed up), met so many interesting people and got to meet my favorites like Aimee Song from Song Of Style, Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam and Devon from Devon Rachel. They gave me some of the best advise I’ve ever gotten and it was nice to find out that they were some of the nicest and most down to earth women I’ve ever met.

It’s still January, the beginning of the year so get out your calendars and mark down every single event you can find! Trust me its the best way to connect with people so you dont want to miss out.


spring look

Golden Accesories

white romper cutout

gold accesories

backless romper

brunch look

backless white romper


fresh flowers

spring outfit

Next time I’ll get more into detail with things I’ve learned over this past year. For now I leave you with my season transitional look. But check out 5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging post if you are looking for more tips on how to blog.

Winter in Newport Beach is actually pretty nice so I couldn’t help but go with this midi cutout romper and favorite mules. I love the light colors for this time of year and Im preparing for Spring so light fabric, light hues and light everything!

What I wore:

White Cutout Midi Jumpsuit from Zara | Brown Mules from Zara | Suspended Crystal Bracelet from The Peach Box and Latch Bangle out of stock but similar Here | Brown Leather Bag from Zara | All found on Sale <3

I had the best time shooting this look, I hope you guys like it! Also feel free to ask me any questions below. As always thank you for reading,

Love, Erika

Baby Its Cold Outside

Hi guys!

              I don’t know about you but I’ve been loving this cool weather! It gives me the perfect excuse to wear thigh high boots, long coats and Im sorry but those little things make me happy. Im from a small surf town in Mexico so growing up I was always in my bathingsuit which was fun but I never got to enjoy the fun winter clothes and now that I live in California I can! sort of… I mean its SoCal, so maybe I dont have snow but I still love it!

For this look I wanted all black, simple and femenine. I wore Lucy Paris label which I love! They have the best style, tops, dresses, skirts.. I love them all! They just fit right. And paired it with the best thing I own… my boots! Im so in love with them. They are the softest vegan suede boots I’ve ever seen and I personally love the stacked heel, it allows me to dress them up and dress them down whenever I like, so that’s a plus. Im telling you they fit like a glove! After that I just added some dainty silver jewelry, red lipstick and Im ready for this cold morning! Let me know what you think…

What I wore:

Black Coat from Morning Lavender | Urban Crop Top from Lucy Paris Clothing found at Revolve Clothing | Perouze Thigh High Boots from Jeffrey Campbell found at Nasty Gal 

And the best part? They are all surprisingly affordable. Let me know whats your favorite style;) Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

Take The Next Step

Hi guys, happy Monday!

              I’m starting the week so full of energy. I spent all last week with a terrible cold but it seems that Im finally getting over it! Now I can focus on doing more photoshoots and plan for this month’s events, which I love doing so things are great so far. I think January just brings out the best of everyone! I love how people around me are so motivated, full of plans and good vibes, it makes me want to take on new challenges. One of my new years resolutions is to take more risks and this is the perfect time in my life to do it so I coulnd’t be more excited! Last year around this time I decided to try something new and way out of my comfort zone which was starting this fashion blog. I was a little intimidated, unsure of how to even start but I did it anyways and it has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done! Its just been an amazing experience, I’ve met so many nice and talented people and it has shown me a new side of this industry that I didn’t know I would love this much. So this year I feel like I can take another step towards building the future I see for myself and that is working on my own clothing line. This is something I’ve dreamed about for so many years now. I have been planning and designing on and off every since I lived in San Francisco and this year I want to make it happen. I realize this is a very ambitious dream but I feel ready for it and I am excited to see where this will take me.

I encourage you guys to try something new this year, maybe a new hobbie, travel somewhere you’ve never been or go for the job you really want. Whatever it is just go do it and see what happens a year from now. I can promise you wont regret it!

What I wore:

Gold and White Blazer from Zara | White Halter Top from No Rest For Bridget | Andrea Pleated Trouser Shorts from Happy Hour | Print Mules from Marais USA

I love mixing prints to keep things interesting so I decided to pair my white halter top with my powder blue stripped shorts and my favorite snake print mules. The gold and white tones keep the harmony of the outfit and give it a fresh and fun look. Try mixing it up girls!

As always thanks for reading,

Love, Erika.

New Beginnings

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year!

         Hope your New Year’s celebrations were filled with fun and laughter. I always like starting off my year wearing white because it represents new beginnings, positivity and wholeness. Im excited for a fresh start and have all the energy to do it!

For this look I wanted to go very clean and simple. The intricate detail of the crop top in combination with the high waisted skirt is beautiful enough to skip the necklace, but I added a gold bracelet and acrylic clutch with a rose gold pouch inside and my favorite sunglasses to finish the look. Dressy but classic. Cant think of a better way to welcome the new year. Let me know what you think!

White outfit


White crop

Winter look copy



Happy New Year

White crop top copy

Thanks so much for reading!

Love, Erika



Holiday in SoCal

Hi Everyone!

         As promised Im posting more Holiday season looks. The last one I posted (Holiday Ready) I went for an all black simple and classic look. But I like having different options so I decided to shoot a more bohemian look for those of you who are looking for are more relaxed style.

This cream overlay jumpsuit is such a fun option for the holidays! I love the knotted detail at the waist and the overlays at the sides. Its dressy yet comfortable, perfect for our crazy weather here in SoCal where its December and we can still get away with a light sweater.. Love it! I paired the look with gold bohemian accessories that go perfect with this sand color. As you all know, Im very particular about the jewelry I chose to wear but I absolutely loved these! Im overlaid two pendant necklaces, a white shark tooth and a triangle white pendant, added a gold cuff bracelet and moonstone rings. And since this look is all about earthy tones I wanted to choose a location that had a carefree vibe, with the ocean in the background and the sunny blue skies of Newport Beach;) Add a stripped heel and you’re ready for a cocktail holiday party with you and your friends! Here’s the finished look…

sabo skirt jumpsuit


day look

bohemian accessories

pale pink

cut out jumpsuit

sabo luxe jumpsuit

holiday look

sabo skirt

bohemian look

gold jewelry

You can shop the look here:

Overlay Jumpsuit from Sabo Luxe  | Gold Pendants from Charlene K Jewelry | Cocktail Moonstone Ring by Margaret Elizabeth | Cora Cuff Bracelet from FromStXavier 

Thanks for reading, hope you have a great week!

Love, Erika

Travel Diary 1: Punta de Mita

Hi guys!

     Excited its Friday?? I know I am. Ever since I got back from my last trip I’ve been working non stop on new photoshoots, designing for a new project that Im planning to launch next year and trying to keep up with this season’s demands. I truly enjoy what I do, but sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming so its nice to have the weekend back;)

Also I am very excited to share with you details from this last trip. I traveled to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City for Thanksgiving. It was rushed but definitely worth it! I spent 1o days just visiting family and friends, which I was really grateful for, specially this time of year. And of course as a good blogger I had to plan a few photoshoots here and there to show you my beautiful Mexico. This location is Punta de Mita, a 40 minute drive from Puerto Vallarta. Its known for its surfing spots and your best bet at finding more private beaches;) The weather was so nice that all I needed was a beach coverup and my favorite swimsuit. And since its winter time and the view was this beautiful, I decided to go for an all black outfit to make it stand out. A little tip I’ve learned whenever I travel, let the location be part of your look. But anyways, I’ve known Merrilee’s Swimwear for a while now and love their designs, I have them in every color. And I just recently discovered PilyQ Swimwear, Im so happy I did! Their lace coverup is surprisingly soft and its so beautifully detailed that of course I fell in love with it. Let me know what you guys think..

beach look

lace top

beach day

beach dress

Beach coverup




flower crown

Beach day



What I wore:

Black Noah Tunic from PilyQ Swimwear | Black Swimsuit from Merrilee’s Swimwear

As the year comes to an end, I am grateful to see that even though I had my ups and downs it really was an amazing year. I’ve learned a lot and I am getting organized so I can start the next year full of energy and work hard on my next projects. Im very excited for the new things to come! Hope everyone’s weekend is fun and I’ll be posting more of this trip so follow along for more..

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika.

Holiday Ready

Hi guys

            Sorry for the lack of posts this month. I’ve been doing a lot of photoshoots but haven’t had the time to post them. Im currently trying to get back on track but I’ve been so busy! Im also feeling much better so no more visits to the hospital, Im very happy about that <3  I have a few trips planned for the holidays and lots of fun shoots to show you, so follow along to see the best outfits for this season.

I’ve decided to start with a more formal look. This season usually brings more dinner parties and events so this is a sophisticated yet fun way to put an outfit together. I chose a black romper with a deep V neck line, with overlaying front panels and a back cutout. Its sexy and fun but the clean cut lines and its simplistic look keep it formal enough for any event! With a formal look you want to go with simple accessories, so if you wear red lips and pair it with a delicate pendant you can’t go wrong..


black romper copy

backless dress

black romper

backless romper

black details

What I wore:

Deep V Romper from Lucy Paris | Signature Watch from Michele Watches

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika