Fav Spots: Laguna Beach

Hi there!

         I hope everyone’s weekend was fun. If you follow me on Instagram you already know I spent mine in Laguna Beach. It was so sunny and beautiful that I wanted to take a little day trip so I went with my friend Karen, who was nice enough to take these photos;) We walked around town, had lunch at Cafe Anastasia and visited some of our favorite shops. On days like these I love wearing something cute but comfortable so I decided to wear this sunglow yellow romper, its flowy and the color is so bold that it instantly puts me in a better mood. I’ve been really busy lately with a change of home address thats just around the corner, so its nice to just have a couple of days to relax with a good friend.

With summer style I always try to shop for items that are one full color instead of the typical flower prints because it makes the outfit look more clean and timeless. Plus its easier to accessorize and match with other clothes you may have. Try it, you’ll love the bold statement and you’ll look more fresh!

Summer Romper

Summer Look

summer romper

Day Look

Laguna Beach


What I wore:

Sunglow Long Sleeve Romper & Heels by Forever21

I absolutely love Laguna, its full of cute spots to visit and the beaches are beautiful! I plan to keep going in the next few weeks so you’ll be seeing more of my favorite spots down there. I hope you have a great week!

Thanks so much for reading,

Love, Erika

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White canvas in the city

                  This weekend was like a clean & fresh start. With the last few weeks of Spring many changes are coming and Im excited for whats next. Right now Im counting the weeks until I get to travel back home and see my family and friends. Mexico is a beautiful place and I cant wait to go relax in paradise. But for now, I have the city as my white canvas to enjoy and explore. Im referring to the art installation on Sunset Boulevard of course. As many of you might have heard, Bates Motel is currently washed out in from floor to ceiling, to the palm trees surrounding the area and it is absolutely stunning. Artist Vincent Lamouroux covered every inch of the abandoned building in a ecological lime wash paint and it has been the dominating source of inspiration for the citizens of LA, myself included;) And after a day of running around the city with my friend Karen from Little Black Shell we decided it was time to pay the visit!

I constantly get style inspiration from what’s surrounding me, I love to wander through the city and apply that inspiration to my everyday lifestyle, this shoot was influenced by this temporary form of art and its gorgeous location.

White Canvas

White canvas on sunset

White Canvas


Project LA

White Out

White Installation


White canvas in the city

 Thank you for reading,

Love, Erika

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Weekend Recap: Rooftop Views

Hi everyone,

            Lately I’ve been hopping from roof top to roof top collecting city views and this past weekend I found the best spot! Perch is a gorgeous restaurant/bar in the heart of LA with cascading greens framing the city’s view, its cool decor and delicious brunch its the perfect way to start your Saturday! This is why I love exploring LA because I always find new places to see and new things to do and this week’s choice was just what I needed!

I had brunch here with blogger and partner in crime Little Black Shell this past weekend, after having a busy morning she suggested we tried this new place and I am so glad we did! Food was delicious, the ambiance was casual but chic and we absolutely loved the view! I also hear that this lounge is even better at night so Im definitely coming back! If you’re looking to catch up with a friend, have visiting friends or family or are just looking to have some relax time while still in the city, I would definitely recommend you visit this place! Its my favorite new gem in the city and here’s why…

shoes celfie

City Views



brunch and mimosas

Bloggers Brunch


With a space like this who needs more?? Everything from Interior Design, to the Architecture to delicious food and cocktails, this rooftop has it all;) Stop by if you haven’t already and let me know what you think! Have a great week and Happy Memorial Day!

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

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Oasis in the City

           Everyone needs a little getaway every now and then and this weekend I got mine! My girlfriends from Little Black Shell & Pink Creative Studio and I decided to treat ourselves to a fun and relaxing weekend together. We started by having delicious brunch and after a few cocktails we came across a place called Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens so we decided to check it out. And Im so glad we did because this place is so beautiful! Its surrounded by zen gardens where you can meditate and enjoy nature without having to drive too far. In my opinion the best kept secret in town! I felt like I was in a mini vacation plus the people in charge where so nice and welcoming. I left feeling like I’d just been in a spa and this is why I love blogging because there is always some new place to explore. I love traveling and I do it as often as I can BUT the thing is you don’t have to go far or spend a lot of money to have fun when there are so many things to do around here! So the whole purpose of my blog is just that, to explore and share these places with you and hopefully inspire you to get out there and do the same.

Peace Awareness House

Peace AwarenessGirls Day

Peace and Awareness Garden


Garden Zen

BambooGarden of Peace


Peace Awareness GardenIMG_4787

I wore:

Kimono from Forever 21 | Black Leggins & Top from ZARA | Necklace from No Rest for Bridget | Flats from Urban Outfitters

It was a wonderful weekend and the best part is that I got to spend it with the girls;) There’s nothing like having a day where you get to be silly and just have a good time, its exactly what I needed. Afterwards I did a little research and I found out that effective July 2015 Eventbrite tickets will be required to enter the grounds so pay a visit before if you can;) I recommend having brunch at The Commisary in the Line Hotel and afterwards head over here since its so close by, that way you can make a day of it! I’ll be posting about that other place some other time but for now I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

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Malibu Wines

Hi There!

First of all let me say Happy Women’s Day!!! I hope all of you had an amazing weekend and specially a lovely Sunday;) I am lucky to say that I am surrounded by so many amazing women in my life, women that I admire for their strength, intelligence, passion and dedication to their work, friends and family. So to all of them and to you my readers I send all my love and gratitude and hope you have a wonderful year!

About this weekend, so many things happened… first we got one hour more of day light which means one more hour at the beach everyday (pretty excited about that one), I finally got to visit Malibu Wines and best of all I got to celebrate International Women’s Day with my girls from Little Black Shell, Pink Creative Studio and my good friend Melissa, not a bad Sunday at all. I had been wanting to visit this place for quite some time now and this seemed like the perfect occasion for it, so we drove to Malibu to spend the day Wine Tasting, dancing and just having a good time. And I believe this is how life should be, regardless of how busy we get its important to still remember to have fun and loosen up once in a while, to not take things too seriously and be grateful for what you have. And today was about celebrating all those things and Im lucky that I got to spend it with such amazing girls!

Every week I like sharing about new and exciting places to visit and this weekend I found one of the best kept secrets in town! Let me tell you why.. first of all Malibu Wines is an insanely beautiful venue and unlike other wineries this one has more of a younger vibe –let me explain, there were people anywhere from 21 to 65 but “young” is not defined by age but by spirit and this place had the most inviting scene! People were in such high spirits, dancing, celebrating birthdays, baby showers, catching up with friends, enjoying good wine and relaxing by the picnic area. Everywhere you looked people were having the best time and I know we did too. The best part? not expensive at all! Parking is free and a complimentary shuttle will take you to the winery, entrance is free as well and you can either reserve a table or set up a picnic anywhere you like. Tasting costs are $14 for the Semler Estate Flight or $12 for the Saddlerock Flight and of course you can buy your own bottle of wine. Theres also live music which sets the mood perfectly and outdoor yoga and mimosas sounds great right? Well believe me, it was! And to top it off this place was thriving in style. Seriously, I was in love with all the fashion statements happening all around because even though the dress code is as casual as any other winery but that doesn’t mean you cant add a little twist to it right? Well everyone made the most out of that one with impeccable taste. So if you’re looking for an outdoor venue to spend your weekend, drink wine and have a good time then you’ve found it!


International Womens Day

Wine bar

Sunny DayWomens Day

Malibu Wines Truck



Red Wine

Malibu Wines Sunday

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday so make sure you add it to your list and Wander off to Malibu, you wont regret it!

Thank you so much for reading,

Love, Erika

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Fashion Show

This past week I had the pleasure of attending an Exclusive Blogger Preview for this new season’s collection. I heard about it through my friend Karen and we were honored to go. The event was hosted by bloggers @kimberly_lu and @feastfashionfaves at The W Hotel where several LA designers presented their new collection and afterwards we got to enjoy the complimentary cocktails and our VIP gift bags. I have to say not a bad night at all!

The showroom took place at W Hotel’s lounge area where the ambiance was set by crystal fire places, chic cocktails and fellow bloggers enjoying the evening with excitement for show to start. As a new blogger I am having so much fun joining these events and getting to know remarkable people in this industry; it really inspires me and makes me love what I do that much more.

IMG_6197 2








IMG_6319 copy


It was a great evening and am really excited for new projects to come! Follow my Instagram for more;)

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

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W Magazine & Meeting Chiara Ferragni

Hi Everyone!

     This weekend I went to LACMA to see W Magazine’s Exhibit and it was brilliant! The exhibition was created as a way to remind us of the value of photography and to pay tribute to those who have contributed over the years behind camera such as stylists, makeup artists and the photographers themselves. In the world of Fashion it is easy to forget about all the work and effort its put into every photo shoot, about the message it conveys and the talent behind it. The visual overload we go through on a daily basis has lead us to devalue that creative form of expression. This is a celebration of W Magazine’s best work over the years.

On this visit I of course wanted to walk around LACMA and visit other exhibitions so I took a few photos of my favorites from that day. There are some amazing paintings from Matisse and Picasso that I really loved as well as a few from Andy Warhol. I wasn’t aloud to take photos of those and I believe you should always respect the art so I took my time and enjoyed every piece. As I was doing just that, I see a blogger I really love and admire… Chiara Ferragni, she was walking right in front of me with her crew. I had no idea she was going to be there so it I was really surprised, but I couldn’t let the moment pass. I was with my friend Karen so we walked right up to her, greeted her and her company and asked if we could take a photo, she accepted very nicely in her italian accent so we took the photo and let her go on with her busy day. I have to say, meeting two bloggers in one month is more than I expected, I feel very lucky! But wether you run into your favorite blogger or not it is still pretty fun to visit a museum. There’s something about walking around on a rainy day and admiring the paintings around you that gets me all inspired. So I invite you to pay a visit this month, you won’t regret it! Here are some photos I wanted to share with you…



FullSizeRender copy

The W Magazine Exhibit will be there until February 22 so for all of you who are in the area stop by! And I have to be honest, although its beautifully done it is also very small, the good thing is that entrance is Free also you get as many free W Magazines as you want and afterwards you can always enjoy the rest of the museum. So in my opinion its not a bad way to spend the day. Stay inspired!

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

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Leather Workshop

Hi Everyone!

       A few weeks ago I came across a brand called Toni, they have beautiful leather goods (I especially love their clutches) and they are based here in LA. As I was going through their Instagram account I noticed something exciting… they did workshops! As you may know by now, Im constantly looking for new things to do and I’ve never worked with leather before so of course I signed up right away.

The workshop took place yesterday at Clark & Madison pop up shop in LA who they had partnered with for the event. I went with my friend Karen and as usual we were the first ones there, my excitement cant ever be controlled. As soon as we walk in the door Toni walks right up to us and greets us by name, we’ve never met before so it took me of guard but I felt it was such a nice gesture! for her to know each and every person attending her class made me feel very welcomed and got me eager to get started. While we waited for others to arrive we decided to explore the store and being a Fashion Merchandising student I was in love with their visual displays. Clark and Madison describe their brand as Adventure in Style and it really is! Displays went from a beautifully handcrafted hammock to a teepee tent in the back and so many unique and interesting items in between that I was floating on inspiration. Soon more people began to show up so we went up the stairs to a little area overlooking the store where the workshop took place. They had a large table across the room with all the materials ready for each person to use and an area with food and beverages, which I was very grateful for. Everyone had their own vegetable tan leather belt to work with and we where given two options, we could either learn how to dye the leather or learn how to hand stitch beautiful and intricate details into the belt. I’ve always been fascinated by the process of dye so I went for that one. First we did all the measurements, used special tools to cut the leather, marked down where the belt holes would go and detailed the leather along the edges to give it a nice finish. Toni had several colors we could choose from and they were all gorgeous tones, especially the sand one but I went with tan, its more my style. The whole process of dyeing was so much fun! And everyone had the best attitude, we were all laughing and getting to know each other while trying not to mess up but Toni was very helpful. The whole time she was going one by one making sure we were on the right track with the type of look we had envisioned for each of our belts and would help us make tweaks here and there so they all turned out really good. We let them dry, added the buckle and we had our belt! Looking at the end result I couldn’t believe I had just made that, it was really beautiful.

I have to say, this was such a great workshop! I had the best time, met really cool people and learned so much. I had always been interested in working with leather, now I can say that I have and I have my beautiful belt to prove it;) For anyone out there who is interested in taking a class I fully recommend it, Toni is amazing so you’ll learn a lot from her. Personally I cant wait for her next workshop! For now here are the photos I took yesterday…

IMG_6081 copy

IMG_6082 copy

IMG_6083 copy



And the end result…


Thanks Toni for such a great workshop! For anyone that is interested I will leave the links below…

Thanks for reading!

Love, Erika



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