W Magazine & Meeting Chiara Ferragni

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     This weekend I went to LACMA to see W Magazine’s Exhibit and it was brilliant! The exhibition was created as a way to remind us of the value of photography and to pay tribute to those who have contributed over the years behind camera such as stylists, makeup artists and the photographers themselves. In the world of Fashion it is easy to forget about all the work and effort its put into every photo shoot, about the message it conveys and the talent behind it. The visual overload we go through on a daily basis has lead us to devalue that creative form of expression. This is a celebration of W Magazine’s best work over the years.

On this visit I of course wanted to walk around LACMA and visit other exhibitions so I took a few photos of my favorites from that day. There are some amazing paintings from Matisse and Picasso that I really loved as well as a few from Andy Warhol. I wasn’t aloud to take photos of those and I believe you should always respect the art so I took my time and enjoyed every piece. As I was doing just that, I see a blogger I really love and admire… Chiara Ferragni, she was walking right in front of me with her crew. I had no idea she was going to be there so it I was really surprised, but I couldn’t let the moment pass. I was with my friend Karen so we walked right up to her, greeted her and her company and asked if we could take a photo, she accepted very nicely in her italian accent so we took the photo and let her go on with her busy day. I have to say, meeting two bloggers in one month is more than I expected, I feel very lucky! But wether you run into your favorite blogger or not it is still pretty fun to visit a museum. There’s something about walking around on a rainy day and admiring the paintings around you that gets me all inspired. So I invite you to pay a visit this month, you won’t regret it! Here are some photos I wanted to share with you…



FullSizeRender copy

The W Magazine Exhibit will be there until February 22 so for all of you who are in the area stop by! And I have to be honest, although its beautifully done it is also very small, the good thing is that entrance is Free also you get as many free W Magazines as you want and afterwards you can always enjoy the rest of the museum. So in my opinion its not a bad way to spend the day. Stay inspired!

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