Classic 50’s and 60’s Back to Street Style

As you have probably already noticed, I love wearing white all year-long. I think it’s a beautiful color that makes anyone feel more confident as soon as you wear it. So finding this classic high-waisted in all white was a very happy moment for me! Yes, you can think its very superficial of me to say that but I disagree. Why? Because I think what you wear is very important. Wearing the right outfit can make you feel empowered and help you reach that day’s goal or it can make you feel insecure, not good enough and like you don’t belong. But the way I see it, if you’re already set for what feels like an impossible task, I would rather not have to deal with those common insecurities on top of it, right? Plus you don’t even have to spend much to achieve it. I got this full look from both H&M and Forever21 so you already know its affordable (And no I was not paid to promote these brands). The point is it’s not hard to look presentable and in my opinion classics will always save the day.



This 60’s sporty Tee is of course a classic and I think it’s a beautiful way to step into Fall Fashion. I love its simplicity and comfort so I wanted to pair it with a bottom that was just as easy to wear. That’s when this pleated 50’s style skirt comes in. I love the natural movement of this fabric, but because of its length it’s not a problem to wear. It’s the perfect look for work, events or just a fun Saturday afternoon. I wore this to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse media preview this last week in LA, then headed to dinner with friends and this look was perfect for both!





What are your favourite classics to wear? Let me know in the comments below…

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xo Erika

Fall Transition No. 1

As you can see Im still obsessing over Blush tones, so this time I wanted to pair it with a Black & White look. Its a simple but clean look that works for day or night! The jacket and flats are from Zara and the dress is from a company called SheIn that I found through Instagram. I like it because every time I go on their website they always have a million different looks to chose from, sort of like Forever 21 where you feel like there’s 100 new styles everyday but SheIn is even cheaper! Its fast fashion done right. I’ve been loving it so I thought I would share it with you guys.

Back to the outfit though.. It all started a few weeks ago when I found these intricate blush flats, they are not exactly my type (problem) but I thought they were so cute! You see, when I go shopping, I usually like doing it “by looks” that is I make sure that everything Im buying goes well together, I buy “outfits” not just 1 item at a time or randoms. Of course when I get home I will mix and match with my closet a hundred different ways, BUT on those days when I don’t have time to put a look together or I simply don’t feel inspired, I already have full looks that I can just throw on really quick and just go. Its a little trick that has saved me hours and hours of frustration from not knowing what to wear. And I will specially do this when I see a piece of clothing or accessory I wouldn’t normally wear but still want, why? Because by pairing it with something right then and there, I avoid having an item in my closet that I will never dare to wear. Which is what happened with these shoes! I broke my own rule and bought them on their own, so of course since its not quite my style, when I got home I didn’t like them with anything, so frustrating. I was considering returning them when my SheIn dress arrived a couple of days after, I got so happy! Does anyone else get as excited as I do for clothes arriving in the mail?? My obsession with fashion can be easily mocked, I know! But Im used to it 🙂 Anyways, I had been looking for the perfect transition dress for Fall and when I saw the stripes on this one I had to have it! Its the perfect fit-fabric and I love how the details begin from the waist down because it makes it look like a two piece, which I always love! In the end, my impulsive shoe buy worked out perfect <3 but next time you go shopping try doing it by outfits, you will see what I mean and shopping will never be the same!










What I wore:

Black & White Striped A Line Dress by SheIn | Nude Pink Double Crepe Blazer by Zara | D’Orsay Shoes by Zara

I think this dress is sold out but I’ve linked more striped dresses below and they are all under $25.00 <3  Click on the image to be directed:

striped-deep-plunge-neck-open-back-split-dress  blue-belted-striped-pockets-a-line-dress    blue-striped-sleeveless-criss-cross-back-dress

 black-white-mixed-stripe-pleated-dress  red-striped-print-cap-sleeve-a-line-dress  contrast-vertical-striped-self-tie-shirt-dress

Does anyone else have shopping rituals they abide by? I would love to hear other people’s tricks to smart shopping! If you do please let me know on the comments below:)
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xo Erika