Let’s talk about Plaid, Checks and Gingham Patterns…

I have always loved a fun pattern on my outfits and lately it seems like I can’t stop wearing clothing that has either Plaid, Gingham or Checks in their pattern. They might look very similar so it’s easy to confuse but it’s all in the direction of the stripes and the symmetry that set them apart.

Plaid is the mix of vertical and horizontal lines that are crisscrossed in varying widths which creates a grid. If you need another visual think: Burberry , they have made the look so iconic that I don’t think we’ll be forgetting about this trend any time soon. You usually see it in 3 color ways, but of course there’s infinite color combinations out there which makes it a really fun pattern to wear and adds a bit of a twist to this classic pattern.

Gingham gets its name from the weaving process. The overlapping stripes create a different level of transparency to the color tones and it usually comes with white thread lines that create it’s characteristic look.  It might come in a smaller scale or big, depending on how bold you would like to go. I am always going back and forth between them so don’t ask me to choose!

Checks typically comes in two color ways that creates the illusion of a checkerboard, so this pattern consists basically of squares. I have seen it’s comeback in the last year mostly and I love it!! I used to think out of all 3 it was the most boring one but when you find pieces that have bold colors it doesn’t seem so dull anymore!

Whichever one you prefer, I think it’s a great Trend to add this Fall season! Check your closets and bring back to forgotten items and incorporate them into new re-styled looks!


Blush + Leather

Okay so here it is! Many of you were asking me where to find this bodysuit I posted on my Instagram a few days ago, I tagged the brand but I know it sold out on their website so I decided to link where to find it on this post. I’ve always got your back!

leather look for fall

It’s the bodysuit of my dreams! I wish I had it in every single color and fabric (not even kidding). I specially love the leather on the straps, it’s such a beautiful detail… 

It’s a look that works for me when I’m out all day but can throw on a jacket around sunset for the cooler LA breeze we get and head out to my next event or even cocktail hour!

blush tones and leather erikadvm

And of course you know me, 99% of the time I wear gold jewelry so I accessorized with my favorite pieces and with the black ankle boots and jacket it makes a nice contrast…

blush and leather

blush copy

Slowly we are starting to layer up over here in SoCal and I’m stating to have fun with it!

What I wore:

Lula Velvet Bodysuit by For Love Of Lemons |Wrap Star Tie Front Short by Planet Blue

Flat Ankle Boots With Studs by ZARA

xo Erika

Fall Transition + Blog Updates!!

This time of year is always a little tricky because Summer is over but Fall weather hasn’t really hit yet so one day you might wake up to a 90º heat wave and the next it cools down out of nowhere, only to bring your shorts back out for the weekend! Am I right my SoCal people?? Well the best way to transition on a budget is adding ankle boots to your Summer dresses and styling them with my fave trend of the year…

My Fall Style

Caps and Berets! This year they have been on trend non stop, so why not? They are so cute to wear, you can find them everywhere and easily starting at $20 like my Urban Outfitters one so it’s an easy trend to follow! I have linked my favorite ones below so keep scrolling.

Fall Style Transition

I specially love dresses like this one with it’s open shoulder-long sleeve detail because you can turn them from day to night in a heart beat and apparently from Summer to Fall just as easily! So don’t be so ready to toss pieces like this one out of your closet just yet, there’s always a way to turn things around.


There’s also an update I wanted to share with you guys! This Summer I received my verification from Fohr Card, this measures my follower quality and let’s the industry know I have an authentic audience. This means a lot to me! I have grown my following organically and I’m not alone, so like many other bloggers I appreciate the effort of companies like this one who are trying to keep the industry an honest one (clapping in excitement!!).

Caps for Fall

Fall Streetstyle

With all of Instagram’s changes this past year I was beginning to think “where’s the loyalty?” and if I’m being honest I’ve had a rough few months trying to adjust but talking to many of my blogger friends I realised that I’m not alone on this. I mean it’s hard to see so much of your effort slowly go down the drain when companies change the rules on such a dramatic scale BUT I still believe in supporting one another! And if you’re transparent with your work and keep hustling then growth will keep making it’s way to you. And of course, with positive changes like this verification I got my spirits back up!! So let’s keep creating quality content. And if you ever felt the same please don’t get discouraged, on my part I am always open to show support for another hard working creative <3

Fall Trend Erikadvm

My Favorite hats this Fall Season:

Black Caleb Engineer Hat   | Army Green Jada Boater Hat | White Ashland Cap   | Green Beret


Sending you all my best! Until next time loves…

xo Erikafohrcard-wander-with-love-