Let’s talk: Why INTENTION matters

I always try to lead my life with focused intention on what I wish to accomplish and what energy I want around me. I might not share this on my daily IG Stories but it is something I fully believe in and I think everyone should do the same, why? Because when we are mindful on intention in relation to everything we do, we remain focused on achieving our goals faster and more effectively. Think about it… Intention is the thoughts, beliefs and emotions in which we approach people, opportunities, new challenges (the good and bad kind) and life all together, we basically breathe it in every single day so why not focus on making it strong and beneficial rather than passive or even obstructive?

This is why it is important to be mindful of how we act towards others and ourselves because remember, you receive whatever you put out there so even our feelings become our very essence and energy and you want to make sure it’s not a toxic one. 

It is very easy to spot a person that goes through life as a downer, someone who simply chooses to see everything and everyone out to get them only to sink deeper into their desolation. But just the same we can spot someone who without evidence of circumstances getting better, they still manage to see things for how they could be, see every great possibility out there and sooner or later find themselves living that life. One of these two examples is living life with focused intention to succeed and be happy.

If however you find yourself surrounded by others who do make those life choices… that environment is just as toxic even if you don’t live your life that way. This last example can be particularly hard to be in because you might be close to this person, love them and want to be there for them but hard as you try, it is on THEM to make the effort to change NOT YOU so you should not allow foreign energies to cloud your own. In this case take a step back, reevaluate what you want to attract into your life and take positive action towards that, trust me, in the end this helps the other person too.

Truth is nothing was ever built or existed without intention, so how can we practice being mindful about it?

In small ways but doing it consistently everyday. You could:

  1. Start the habit of repeating to yourself every morning what you want for your life for a few minutes before you even get out of bed. Really, while you’re tossing and turning take a deep breath and let the message sink in. I think this is an excellent way to start your day with the right mindset.
  2. Or try it at night before bedtime as a way to cleanse your mind of negative thoughts and attitudes from others or yourself that held you back that day. Go to bed feeling serene and recharged to wake up feeling truly rested.
  3. Search for clarity while you work out. Whether it’s yoga, boxing class, going to the gym, running, barre class… whichever one you enjoy. Allow in that moment of feeling powerful and motivated to run deep through you and envision that intention touching EVERY part of your life. Do this until you can see it clearly, until it feels like second nature, a part of who you are.
  4. While you enjoy your cup of coffee/tea. In the morning or on your break time, use those few minutes to yourself to practice being aware of your energy, of intention.
  5. Or it can be as simple as while you’re cleaning your home or making dinner. I find it that while I’m doing those familiar tasks, my mind tends to wander off, my body goes on automatic mode and I end up reflecting deeper on whatever I’m dealing with that week. So why not use that productive time to train my mind to be mindful of intention. 

It all starts with an intention, then it’s a behaviour, then a habit until it is the very essence of who you are. So try leading with intention and you will see what a big change it will be on your small day-to-day goals, on your long-term career goals and in your relationships in general.

Hope you found this post helpful! And if you have other ways to practice this please share them in the comments below so we can all learn from one another.

Thank you for stopping by,

xo Erika

Be Brave + And Get Things Done

Meet your goals this year!

This year I have many goals for Wander With Love. Some are scary, some are exciting and some I haven’t figured out HOW I’m going to make happen, but one thing is sure.. I will stop putting these plans off, be brave and get them done!

From adding new platforms for sharing my style and tips, to more traveling this year to working with new people in this industry. I have already met so many interesting people this year, many of them who inspire and push me to do better! So I want to keep putting myself out there and finally put these ideas into action.





The way I tackle the “brave” part is by sharing these plans with my friends and family and giving myself a period of time to meet that goal. It’s a great way to lose these doubts and insecurities because you will get honest and dedicated feedback. Plus, by openly committing to a time frame I have found that I am more likely to actually getting it done. Makes sense right?








Photos by: Ryan Chua

What I wore:

Brown Leather Jacket by All Saints | Emerald Green Dress by OPT |

Night Sky Necklace by Anthropologie

So whatever you have planned for this year, make sure you begin working on that list before January ends! Not to put pressure on any of you, but it’s already the 19th and I feel like if the month ends and you haven’t attempted at least the first thing on your list, it will set a bad precedent for the rest of the year! It will be easier to lose momentum and fall into the “oh there’s always next year” mindset which will get us nowhere right? So get going!! <3 And please if there is any questions you might have about blogging or anything fashion related, let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts.

As always thanks for reading!!

xo Erika

My 5 New Year’s Resolutions

Hi guys! With New Year’s Eve just a few days away I’ve been thinking of the things I want to change/work on for 2017. I think it is important to set goals for yourself and keep the list short to fully commit and actually achieving them. Some of the things on my list I have been working on since October (that’s just something I do every year, keeps me motivated). But I want to share my 5 main ones that are not as personal and I believe everyone should respond for themselves:

  1. A bad habit I’m going to break:


2. I’m going to do better at:


3. A new skill I will learn:


4. I’ll do more of this:


5. I’ll do less of this:


Every year I ask myself these 5 Key Questions days before the year ends.  I believe if you master these, the core of your year will be stronger and it will be easier to tackle the rest of the things you wish to accomplish! So don’t over think it, you already know what you need to work on. Just answer these 5 easy questions for yourself and a little tip? Set your mind to accomplish No. 1 by the end of January. Why such a short time? Because this will probably be the one you don’t even want to think of, let alone start working on. Breaking a bad habit is not easy but tackle it first and the rest will be more likely to get done after this. So set a short time period to get it done, of course you can adjust depending on the difficulty of the task but you get my point!

The rest are things you can work on through out the year. Remember its a Lifestyle you are looking to create for yourself so it will take every day of the year to work on. These are thing you want in your life right?  So enjoy the process, fall in love with the results you’re getting and soon it won’t feel like an added effort.






Also for some reason I always love wearing white a few days before the year ends and few days into the new one. There’s something about this color that makes me want to be productive all day and keeps my spirits high! It’s a small, simple thing but I’ve been doing it every year since I was 16 and it’s always worked for me. So find whatever works for you and make it a tradition! For this post I am wearing this cute ruffled dress from Make Me Chic.  I love this website! They have lovely clothes at very affordable prices 🙂 Go check them out, they have beautiful pieces and it’s always great to fins new places to shop right? Let me know how you liked it!!


What Im wearing:

White Ruffled Sleeves Dress by Make Me Chic | Heels by Steve Madden | Accessories by Kendra Scott

 I really loved wearing this dress! It is true to size and so comfortable to wear. I hope you guys liked it as much as I did <3 Take a look on their website to see more of their beautiful dresses! On a more personal note, I think this year I will focus more on me. I love my life but I tend to get caught up on everyday things and get easily sidetracked, but this next year I want to change that and not feel selfish about it for once. I think it’s a healthy choice!  <3  I really hope you meet your goals too! And I’m wishing a year full of wonderful surprises for all of you, to stay motivated and have a very happy new year!!!! Thanks for reading…

xo Erika

Sail Away With Me

I can’t believe Summer is basically over! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, partly because I don’t have ac in my home and partly because I miss wearing my beautiful boot collection (can’t help it, sorry). But now that its around the corner, I figured I would welcome the new season with a “Sail Away With Me”.. to Fall-post.

I’ve been reflecting about how time keeps going by so fast and thinking about how many steps we’ve actually taken to move forward with our dreams. It’s easy to get distracted with life, I know I’ve been there a few times! But I don’t want to lose focus, I want to always keep moving forward. A new season always brings a fresh start and we should make the most of it, right? However, if you’re not feeling the drive think about how much your life can change in a year. For example, when I thought about how much mine has changed from exactly a year ago, I felt unbelievably happy! Not because everything went by so smoothly, on the contrary.. I made big life decisions about where I wanted to live, had some health issues to deal with, then had personal decisions involving my family, but then more happy things came along! For instance I had to get serious about how far I wanted to take this blog, which to me was very exciting. Also a guy with the kindest heart came into my life, he later became my boyfriend and is now someone I love very very much. I look at this entire year and I can’t help but feel very grateful, for the good things and the bad! All of this in one little year so think about the possibilities if we only focus and work towards what we want, the rest always find its way:)

So whether it’s a new challenge or an exciting new path for the blog, I want to welcome all change I want to make the most out of what’s left of this year and it will be okay because I will be wearing a beautiful hat on my head to keep me grounded and beautiful boots to take me where I want to go, all in style of course! A girl has to look nice even when she’s busy. Now, my wardrobe won’t change dramatically next week because lets face it.. I live in sunny So Cal. But in the coming posts I will be talking about transition looks, the must-have items for Fall, more blogging tips and many more fun things! So follow along..






To welcome Fall season I decided to wear a white jacket and my favorite brown leather booties. I like pairing these with white shorts to balance out the look, I think it keeps it more casual and adding a straw hat makes it more fun!







Get this look:

The Spencer Boater by Lack of Color | White Jacket by Zara similar Here and Here | Brown Leather Booties by Forever21 but similar Here and  Here

Sorry about the long post this week <3  But I hope you found a bit of inspiration in it and that you will make the rest of this year count!

Thanks for reading,

xo Erika