Spring Accessories I’m Loving!

I know it’s not officially Spring yet, but April is here and the weather is definitely getting a lot warmer here in Southern California, so that calls for new Spring Accessories!

As you may know, 99% of the time I wear yellow gold jewelry so that’s what I’m linking but I know many of the brands will carry these in Rose Gold, Yellow Gold and White Gold accents so look out for those. But anyways, getting back to it… I’m sure you’ve seen by now that the Seashell accessory trend came back and I fully support it! I’ve gladly given my money away for years to anything that’s Mermaid themed (not ashamed!) and now is no different so I included plenty of those and some other cool pendants I’ve been wearing non-stop. So here are my favorite styles, they’re perfect to welcome Spring and even for Festival Season!!

I’ve linked below some from Free People, since I always end up shopping their cute accessories. I also linked some from Lulu DK brand which I LOVE! I first discovered them while I was shopping for a gift for Tom’s sister at Nordstrom, they had the coolest Spinning Pendants with written messages on them and I thought they were so beautiful! Ever since then I can’t stop wearing that brand as I’m sure you’ve seen in so many of my IG posts. And lastly I also included some Forever 21 pieces in case you’re looking for some cute but more affordable options. Enjoy!

Free People Charmed Layering Necklace ( Click HERE for link)

Free People Seashell Anklet Set (Click HERE for link)

Free People Waikiki Collar ( Click HERE for link)
Forever 21 Seashell Bracelet Set (Click HERE for link)

Forever 21 Seashell Drop Earrings (Click HERE for link)
Lulu DK Amulet Necklace (Click HERE for link)

Lulu DK Monthstone Necklace ( Click HERE for link)

These are just some of my faves right now, but I am obsessed with jewelry so I will come back and link more amazing brands and styles I love! Hope you found something you loved and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Pre-Spring Look!

Who else is excited for Spring?? I am so ready to put away my winter stuff that I decided to do a Pre-Spring post. For this look I shot with a new friend photographer, her name is Jessica Vidana. We connected though Social Media (I love how that is so normal and easy to do these days) and I just loved her work! We ended up getting together in person and I’m so glad we did because besides being very talented, she’s also really sweet and easy to shoot with! So it turned out to be a very fun afternoon trying not to laugh long enough to take the photos, running away from scary pigeons at the pier and just creating beautiful content together.

And that’s the thing with blogging, I always end up connecting with other creatives out there, getting inspired by one another and it’s amazing seeing each other grow. This is one of the main reasons why I love doing what I do! Without Wander With Love I wouldn’t get the opportunity to meet all these amazing people around me, so I am always happy to share talented creatives I meet along the way in the hopes that you will be inspired too.




Now I know Spring isn’t here yet but I’m anxiously waiting for it! So on the rare days when we get warmer weather, I bring out my light dresses and enjoy my pre-Spring outfits. Plus it puts me in the mood to get inspired for the festival season! I feel like it’s just around the corner and there is so much to plan. Every year on the month of April there are so many exciting blogging events, parties, music to be enjoyed and fun road trips that I seriously cannot wait!!

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But we’re still one month away so at least for now I can enjoy my little glimpses of Spring with dresses like this one. Reformation just knows how to cut a nice dress, they always work with the perfect fabrics and have them in the liveliest colors. I am forever obsessed with them them!

I also love that the cat eye sunglasses came back. I never really let this trend go but now I feel like I can wear them all the time, plus these are so affordable!! A must have for sure.


And off course my favorite accessories. If you know me, you know I love wearing dainty gold jewellery ALWAYS and FOREVER! Whether it’s a nice timeless piece of jewellery or a trendy affordable piece, I go with gold 100% of the time. I wear these with everything! I’ve linked them below…

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Photography by: Jess Vidana

What I wore:

Audrey Dress from REFORMATION | Slim Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses from URBAN OUTFITTERS | Linear Stone Bracelet Turquoise from Monica Vinader | Power Gemstone Garnet Bracelets from Gorjana | Elaina Rose Gold Bracelet in Ivory Pearl from Kendra Scott 

For all of you creatives: Always feel free to connect with one another! You never know where it might take you or what you might learn. I’m always looking to discover new and talented people out there, so if you feel I should check out a specific account, brand or content creator then please comment below. I’d love to check them out!

Thank you for reading,

xo Erika

My 5 New Year’s Resolutions

Hi guys! With New Year’s Eve just a few days away I’ve been thinking of the things I want to change/work on for 2017. I think it is important to set goals for yourself and keep the list short to fully commit and actually achieving them. Some of the things on my list I have been working on since October (that’s just something I do every year, keeps me motivated). But I want to share my 5 main ones that are not as personal and I believe everyone should respond for themselves:

  1. A bad habit I’m going to break:


2. I’m going to do better at:


3. A new skill I will learn:


4. I’ll do more of this:


5. I’ll do less of this:


Every year I ask myself these 5 Key Questions days before the year ends.  I believe if you master these, the core of your year will be stronger and it will be easier to tackle the rest of the things you wish to accomplish! So don’t over think it, you already know what you need to work on. Just answer these 5 easy questions for yourself and a little tip? Set your mind to accomplish No. 1 by the end of January. Why such a short time? Because this will probably be the one you don’t even want to think of, let alone start working on. Breaking a bad habit is not easy but tackle it first and the rest will be more likely to get done after this. So set a short time period to get it done, of course you can adjust depending on the difficulty of the task but you get my point!

The rest are things you can work on through out the year. Remember its a Lifestyle you are looking to create for yourself so it will take every day of the year to work on. These are thing you want in your life right?  So enjoy the process, fall in love with the results you’re getting and soon it won’t feel like an added effort.






Also for some reason I always love wearing white a few days before the year ends and few days into the new one. There’s something about this color that makes me want to be productive all day and keeps my spirits high! It’s a small, simple thing but I’ve been doing it every year since I was 16 and it’s always worked for me. So find whatever works for you and make it a tradition! For this post I am wearing this cute ruffled dress from Make Me Chic.  I love this website! They have lovely clothes at very affordable prices 🙂 Go check them out, they have beautiful pieces and it’s always great to fins new places to shop right? Let me know how you liked it!!


What Im wearing:

White Ruffled Sleeves Dress by Make Me Chic | Heels by Steve Madden | Accessories by Kendra Scott

 I really loved wearing this dress! It is true to size and so comfortable to wear. I hope you guys liked it as much as I did <3 Take a look on their website to see more of their beautiful dresses! On a more personal note, I think this year I will focus more on me. I love my life but I tend to get caught up on everyday things and get easily sidetracked, but this next year I want to change that and not feel selfish about it for once. I think it’s a healthy choice!  <3  I really hope you meet your goals too! And I’m wishing a year full of wonderful surprises for all of you, to stay motivated and have a very happy new year!!!! Thanks for reading…

xo Erika

The Silk Dress

You have probably seen the silk dress in every street style photo this season. It is the most comfortable and easy way to look chic! Never thought I would be saying that, literally. Because lets face it, usually looking chic involves a lot of work but with this slip on all problems are solved. You throw it on, add accessories and maybe layer with a jacket and you’re good to go! I paired mine with a cream blazer, my Gorjana jewellery and my favorite and most comfortable ankle booties <3 But you can wear it any way you like.. 90’s mood with a plain tee underneath, with a chunky  knit sweater to add more texture or on its own if Fall weather hasn’t come to your city yet. But the important thing is to try it! You will love it and want one in every color…









What I wore:

Silk Dress by H&M | Cayne Crescent Pendant by Gorjana and layered is the Laguna Adjustable Necklace also by Gorjana | Leather Ankle Booties by Michael Kors | Golden Mini Clutch by YSL

Hope you guys liked this look! Thanks for reading,

xo Erika