Be Brave + And Get Things Done

Meet your goals this year!

This year I have many goals for Wander With Love. Some are scary, some are exciting and some I haven’t figured out HOW I’m going to make happen, but one thing is sure.. I will stop putting these plans off, be brave and get them done!

From adding new platforms for sharing my style and tips, to more traveling this year to working with new people in this industry. I have already met so many interesting people this year, many of them who inspire and push me to do better! So I want to keep putting myself out there and finally put these ideas into action.





The way I tackle the “brave” part is by sharing these plans with my friends and family and giving myself a period of time to meet that goal. It’s a great way to lose these doubts and insecurities because you will get honest and dedicated feedback. Plus, by openly committing to a time frame I have found that I am more likely to actually getting it done. Makes sense right?








Photos by: Ryan Chua

What I wore:

Brown Leather Jacket by All Saints | Emerald Green Dress by OPT |

Night Sky Necklace by Anthropologie

So whatever you have planned for this year, make sure you begin working on that list before January ends! Not to put pressure on any of you, but it’s already the 19th and I feel like if the month ends and you haven’t attempted at least the first thing on your list, it will set a bad precedent for the rest of the year! It will be easier to lose momentum and fall into the “oh there’s always next year” mindset which will get us nowhere right? So get going!! <3 And please if there is any questions you might have about blogging or anything fashion related, let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts.

As always thanks for reading!!

xo Erika

Louise Roe Book Signing at The Grove

Hi Everyone,

            I’ve been working on a couple of posts and they will be ready very soon;) But for now I wanted to share an exciting event happening tonight at The Grove in LA. Lifestyle expert Louise Roe is presenting her new book at Barnes & Noble tonight at 7pm. Its very last minute I know but hopefully some of you will be able to make it! I just found out about it today, but I’ll stop by and of course will be adding to this post afterwards to share the experience with everyone who couldn’t make it;)

She will also be in conversation with Catt Sadler, co-host of E! News about personal style and tips on living a happier and more glamorous life. I love attending events and this one in particular sounds really interesting, plus it gives the perfect opportunity to add a new book to my list!

Louise Roe Book Sigining

*The images above are not mine.

For all of you that live in LA I hope you can make it. It seems like its going to be a fun event! See you there!

Okay so this is the Follow Up

“How to be the leading lady in your own life”

        First I have to say Louise Roe is the nicest person! She had us all laughing and made the event that much more enjoyable. I thought she was very authentic and its clear she has that passion and motivation to succeed, which I admired very much. We all dream of the future but very few have the courage it takes to go after what you want and it made me think of something my dad always told me.. He said, you can accomplish anything you want in life, as long as you’re whiling to work hard for it;) and she clearly has. Along with Catt Saddler, she talked about her background, from her internship experiences to working for Vogue, to how she came to write a book. But mostly I liked that she talked about how we need to stop being hard on our selves and start celebrating who we are today. How most people think they need to have a skinny model’s body to have great style and how that’s complete ”Rubish” as she put it in that British accent of hers;) And I couldn’t agree more! I believe its important to embrace everything you are and enjoy yourself:) And her book covers that and so much more. She gives tips on preparing for a job interview, on style and even on interior design. This book is timeless and I am very happy I was able to attend. I can’t stop reading it <3

Louise Roe Front Roe Book

Louise Roe

If any of you have been to her book launch or have purchased it let me know what you think! Also if you’ve read a book you loved please comment below, Im always looking for new things to read.

Thanks for stoping by,

Love, Erika

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