Repurpose Your Clothes

Hi guys!

                This week I’m filling you with flowers! I know its been cloudy and this is what people call June gloom but all I see is flowers everywhere! So to me life is pretty beautiful these days 🙂 I’ve been going jogging around my neighbourhood lately because lets face it, with summer so close I need to get back in shape! But anyways, this is how I came across this gorgeous little road. It’s the perfect in-between from Spring to Summer, so of course I took advantage of it!

For this post I wanted to mix a casual look with dressy items. I have a closet full of dresses but usually once you wear them a few times you feel like you can’t repeat (or at least I do) so I often turn a night-outfit into a day one! Take this v neck camisole dress for example, the fabric comes in a soft shimmer pink, has a lower back and comes with spaghetti straps. I’ve worn this with high sleek heels and a night clutch but I wanted to make it “new” again, so instead I added an oversized denim jacket and my favourite Adidas and just like that I have a new look! I absolutely love wearing something  “glam” on week days and this is how I get away with it and not look overdressed. Try it! You will see there is no need to be shopping every week if you repurpose your wardrobe. Plus its really fun to do!

denim jacket

pink dress

summer dress

street style

summer style

adidas women.jpg


low back dress

summer florals

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and as always thanks so much for reading!

xo Erika



Living the Mermaid life

Hello my lovely readers!

         I have new and exciting goals in life… ready? I want to live, breathe and dance the mermaid life. And what exactly does that mean? Did she go crazy? all very reasonable questions.. but no, I have not. Im simply saying I want to live free and happy at the sea… the one place that always held my true happiness. Growing up my family moved every year, but no matter what different city or country we moved to we were always by the beach, my true home. With summer just around the corner all I want is to take a swim in the cool california water, have sand on my toes and live in maxi dresses and beach coverups. And hey, If I could pull off the sea shell look I would wear that too! but since I can’t, a long colorful skirt and leotard had to do <3 for now…

Its been hard shooting lately because apparently June gloom is a real thing, who knew? I sure didn’t, being from Mexico you either get tropical thunder or a sunny beautiful sky, but California has been rather grey lately… but just as I was about to give up, the sun came out! So we decided to shoot at the beach and leave the LA scene for another day. In Laguna there’s a place with beautiful arches so of course my friend and I had to pay a visit. For this look I wanted a long silhouette but full of movement. You should always have fun with the clothes you wear, so channel your inner mermaid and head out all wrapped in color and a free spirit!

long skirt   Living the Mermaid Life

summer ootd

beach day

blue skirt ocean view


What I wore:

Black Leotard from American Apparel | Long Blue Skirt from Zara

I had a lot of fun shooting at this location, hope you can all spend some time near the beach this summer as well. Thanks so much for reading, hope you have a lovely weekend!

Love, Erika

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