Polka Dots For Summer

I am so happy I can wear dresses everyday again! Specially midi style, they are so fun to wear! And Target has been coming up with new and exciting collaborations with some of my favorite brands. Like this dress I’m wearing, it’s from the Who What Wear collection that was launched for Target Style. A couple of weeks ago I got invited to preview the new line and I fell in love with every piece! It’s beautiful, affordable and perfect for Summer!


Wander With Love. Who What Wear

Target Style Erikadvm

Erikadvm. Wander With Love

I know I don’t wear polka dots that often, but I just loved this design! The off the shoulder detail and midi length caught my eye right away, so I’ve been practically living in this dress ever since. And I can’t wait to show you all the pretty pieces I got!

Who What Wear Erikadvm

Wander With Love. OC Blogger

What I wore:

Bardot Mini Dress from Who What Wear | The Spencer Boater Hat from Lack Of Color

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xo Erika

The Perfect Summer Dress

Hi Guys!

      Summer official began this Monday June 20 and to welcome it I wanted to post the Perfect Summer Dress! I honestly live in dresses. I love them and I have blogged about this obsession before.. I just love their comfort and feminine aspect to them. So no matter if its long, short or midi, I adore them all!

Now, I am very very sad to say that this past week I’ve lost not one, but two photo shoot sessions. I had uploaded the sets to my MacBook Pro at the same time and when finished I hit delete from my Camera only to find that they actually never saved to my computer! You have no idea how sad I was to realise this. It was a lot of work to have deleted and I had actually loved these photos! Luckily I had saved a couple to my iPhone for IG posts, however if the quality is a bit off I apologise for it!! It won’t happen again. The second look I will have to re-shoot, but oh well these things happen.

Now back to today’s look…

I thought long before choosing this dress as my Summer intro. I wanted something fun but not your typical bright coloured dress, I didnt want anything too short or a maxi dress. I wanted something different, so when I came across this one I absolutely fell in love with it! Its not the usual white summer dress because it has the slim vertical stripes, but it doesnt make me think “nautical look” and its midi length which is perfect! And I love the little cutout-bow tie detail in front. It is by far my best investment of the season because I know I will be wearing this ALL summer long.  I DID NOT GET PAID TO POST THIS LOOK. I truly 100% love it, its by ASTR and bought it at Nordstrom with my own money. So trust me when I say its really lovely to wear 🙂 I paired it gold accesoires and my favorite heels of this season. They are my peep toe strappy heels in 3 color way from Zara. Again really affordable and I thought the play of lines on these would look great with the ones from my dress, so this is it! Simple but beautiful, great for summer season…

summer style

Summer Dress

summer accesories

summer heels


summer look


What are your thoughts on this look? Love? Hate? Let me know what you think on the comments below! And as always thank you for reading.

xo Erika