Neutrals Never Get Old

Hi there! It’s been a min or two… 

But I wanted to share my latest color combo of choice for the holidays that are not your typical red, white or green. Of course there isn’t anything wrong with those, but in case you wanted to switch things up a bit keep scrolling!

My go-to color combo because it’s a great
transition look  for  day to night!

I usually go for the “All White” when Christmas is getting closer but I love the idea of wearing neutrals instead. This time of year we tend to have more social commitments and personally the last thing I want to do is having to change from one event to the next so this color combo makes it easy to apply for any type of plans I have. As long as you have a few shades darker or lighter within the outfit it should keep it from being -a boring- look! 

I included the powder pink bag to keep it fun! And of course because I am completely in love with the design, this Danielle Nicole bag is easily one of my favorites in my closet this season.

*Outfit from LOLA.

Thanks for stopping by!