Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle

I love how unpredictable my days are. Some are spent styling product, others shooting from location to location, some attending events and there are days where I just spend it in front of the computer. Its fun and I love what I do, but sometimes I miss having a set routine so lately I’ve been really inspired and motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. From my sleeping habits, what I feed my mind, to exercising and eating. I find that by doing this I stay more productive throught the day <3

With this in mind I wanted to try some of the juices that are out there  and my friend recommended  Suja Juice. I’ve only been drinking them for a week but so far I really like them. They are GMO free and it doesnt taste weird like others I’ve tried, plus the presentation is so cute! Also I like drinking lemon infused water first thing in the morning and I feel way more energized. Have you guys tried other juices? Im not looking to do a cleanse, I just want something healthy to drink between meals. If you have one you love let me know! I’ll be blogging more healthy lifestyle posts from now on to keep me motivated and to share my experience with you guys so stay tuned..

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                                                      As always thanks for reading!

xo Erika