Comfy Style Done Right

Guys sorry for the lack of posts this past week! I have friends visiting from out-of-town and I have been showing them around and enjoying their company. But I’m back now and ready to start the week with a fresh blog post!

Now, I’ve always been a firm believer that comfy doesn’t have to look ugly. Even if you have a busy day you can still look chic! I chose a nude pleated hem jacket, with a strappy beige top and midi twill pants. I swear it is like wearing pajamas! I know all three items are  very loose and flowy but with the mix of different lengths (meaning the oversized jacket and the shorter pants) it balances each other out. Now the shoe situation… I am a fan of heels, so Im sorry but I feel like heels are a must no matter the mood! And these are actually comfy. Plus they are the finishing touch, after all it is a work day! You cant really add sneakers right? So just choose your comfiest heels and meet your week goals <3 Let me know your go to’s on comfort…

chic look


Day Look

steve madden pumps

pink coat

Shop this look:

Fine Pleated Hem Jacket from Zara | Pumps from Steve Madden

Thanks for reading,

xo Erika

Spanish Dream

Hi everyone!

           Ready for the weekend? I know I am! And nothing says weekend more than distressed denim <3 This effortless style will take you anywhere from mornings at the Flower Market to Happy Hour with the girls. I wore this to brunch with my friend Karen in DTLA where we spent the afternoon shoe shopping and planing for next events at the end of the month. A girl has to be prepared after all;) And next week its the Yellow Conference which is a fun creative space for women entrepreneurs in the LA area. You learn how to run your own business, meet amazing people and get inspired! As I understand, tickets are sold out but you can still get a live stream pass, anyone interested email at to get a Discount Code.

But getting back to this look.. I decided to combine Effortless with Spanish vibes, so Im rocking my latina roots for this post and Im loving it! Its the end of summer right? lets have fun with it. So wether you’re a girly girl, minimalistic or tomboy just know that you can never go wrong with light denim, its all about how you style it. For casual-chic I like going light on the accessories and focus more on the shoes, it gives it a more clean and confident look;)

spanish look



lace crop top

summer style

distressed skirt

summer style


crop top

Get this look:

The off-shoulder top I got as a gift last time I was in Mexico but you can get similar ones at Jen’s Pirate Booty or Shop Planet Blue (who are having a sale this weekend in Malibu), the high waisted skirt is from One Teaspoon (currently obsessed with this brand) and the peep toe ankle booties are from Michael Kors. 

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of support from friends and people I love and there’s no better feeling, so thanks everyone for always being there for me;) And of course I love reading your comments! so don’t be afraid to share your thoughts.. Whats your end of summer look??

As always thanks for reading,

Love, Erika.

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Girlfriend Jeans

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

       With the end of summer things are finally getting crossed off my list. My new place is starting to feel like home, all my paper work is done and delivered, I was able to attend all the fun summer events;) and now I can get new projects started! It’s been a stressful couple of months but if I’ve learned anything is that I need some ‘Me’ time, where I can focus on my goals and keep moving forward. I have many plans for next year so that will be taking much of my time, but I’ll try to keep up with my blog posts;)

For now I wanted to share with you my latest find, the Girlfriend Jeans. This fun reinvention has been around for a while, but I had yet to find the perfect pair.. until now! For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, they are the slightly slimmer version of the Boyfriend Jeans. The cut is just above the ankles, still a baggy look only more flattering and… I’m in love with them! To be honest, boyfriend jeans never fit me right but this new version is just what I’ve been looking for. I decided to style it with a button down shirt and wedges to balance out the baggy look;)


The girlfriend jeans

girlfriend jeans


distressed denim

boyfriend jeans

destroyed jeans

Summer look

What I wore:

Button Down Shirt from H&M | Distressed Girlfriend Jeans from Brandy Melville | Black Wedges from Zara

How about you.. what’s your favorite cut? I’d love to hear your thoughts so don’t be afraid to comment below;) Thanks so much for reading..

Love, Erika.

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Summer Getaway: Cancun

Hi There!

          Hope everyone’s week is going great. Im finally back from my little trip to Cancun and I’ve been dying to share it with you…

This summer I’ve been taking short trips to different parts of Mexico and its been a lot of fun. To be honest, my original plan for this summer was a bit different but things never go as we wish them to. But even though I’ve been really sad about it, I still had the opportunity to visit my beautiful country, so Im grateful for that and I’ve tried to make the most of it  <3 I don’t know if it was the tropical weather, the crystal clear water or maybe the fact that I got to see my family, but somehow this trip felt like a big giant hug. With that in mind, I know that traveling to touristy places can be tricky but since I grew up there I still have a few favorite spots that I love to visit;) For those of you who aren’t familiar with the area I have a few tips:

Isla mujeres is a lovely island to spend the day, I like Lancheros Beach. It has the most translucent water known to mankind, you get to swim with whale sharks which I’ve done before in Cabo and was amazing, now imagine the experience in the clearest water! Plus you’ll find the underwater museum which I have yet to try –if my sensitive ears will allow it.

If you’re going to do the whole natural park thing I absolutely recommend Xcaret! It is such an amazing place, you get to visit beautiful animals, swim in underground rivers and caves, enjoy the beach, get to explore and learn about the mayan town and the night show is a must.. this last one represents Mexico’s culture 100%, I love it! Don’t waste you time with Xel-Ha, its not as big or beautiful, there’s way less things to do and its a longer drive. Xplore is not my favorite but if you’ve tried one park and are looking to continue the experience I would go for this one instead;)

Cenote Dos Ojos is a natural swimming whole with rocky sides, much like a cave. Its gorgeous to explore, bring snorkel equipment, its a bit of drive but its really beautiful! Tulum is full of natural cenotes, so you have plenty of options this is just one of them.

I’ll post more photos and tips in the near future but for now I’ll share with you some of my favs from this trip! With such beauty around me I was inspired to wear all white for this trip to let the beautiful greens stand out;) The first is a beach cover up with embroidered flowers on the sides that I simply loved, its so fresh and comfortable to wear, perfect for a quick getaway. The second outfit is a white linen dress for a day, a lifesaver for any vacation spot you visit;) And the third outfit is my favorite, denim + stripes, this basic goes perfect with a day at sea…

Summer getaway


summer getaway

summer getaway

summer getaway cancun


Flower Crown




I would have loved to stay more days in my little Paradise, but unfortunately reality kicked in telling me its finally time to move to my new home this Saturday!! Im overwhelmed and excited at the same time so we’ll see how it goes…

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great rest of your week! And as always thanks so much for reading…

Love, Erika.

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Photoshoot: Summer Lookbook

               Happy Monday, hope everyone had a great weekend! These past few weeks I’ve been working on a couple of projects and there’s one that I’ve been dying to share with you. If you follow me on Instagram you already know I did a Lookbook Photoshoot for Morning Lavender, an online Fashion Boutique owned by fellow blogger Kim at Lace and Locks. I had so much fun shooting with them! Their style is so fresh and feminine, its right at my alley;) Im always excited to work on different projects and meet creative people, so I had a blast!

Summer Lookbook


Summer Lookbook


Morning Lavender Summer Lookbook

Summer Lookbook


Wander With Love


Summer Style

Summer Look

Shop the looks here:

Navy stripe Top |  Light Blue Denim Jumpsuit | Blue Stripe Scarf | Tropical Print Maxi Dress | Teagan Seersucker Stripe Romper | Mustard Floral Romper | Audra Cream Lace Romper

Floral Rompers, Maxi Dresses and Long Skirts are my idea of the perfect summer look and styling it with a fun hat is always a good idea;) Keep it fresh & fun and you’ll be good to go! There’s more projects to come in the near future so follow along for more..

Thanks for reading,

Love, Erika

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Wander With Love

Fav Spots: Laguna Beach

Hi there!

         I hope everyone’s weekend was fun. If you follow me on Instagram you already know I spent mine in Laguna Beach. It was so sunny and beautiful that I wanted to take a little day trip so I went with my friend Karen, who was nice enough to take these photos;) We walked around town, had lunch at Cafe Anastasia and visited some of our favorite shops. On days like these I love wearing something cute but comfortable so I decided to wear this sunglow yellow romper, its flowy and the color is so bold that it instantly puts me in a better mood. I’ve been really busy lately with a change of home address thats just around the corner, so its nice to just have a couple of days to relax with a good friend.

With summer style I always try to shop for items that are one full color instead of the typical flower prints because it makes the outfit look more clean and timeless. Plus its easier to accessorize and match with other clothes you may have. Try it, you’ll love the bold statement and you’ll look more fresh!

Summer Romper

Summer Look

summer romper

Day Look

Laguna Beach


What I wore:

Sunglow Long Sleeve Romper & Heels by Forever21

I absolutely love Laguna, its full of cute spots to visit and the beaches are beautiful! I plan to keep going in the next few weeks so you’ll be seeing more of my favorite spots down there. I hope you have a great week!

Thanks so much for reading,

Love, Erika

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