My Love For Naturally Inspired Skin Care Products

As I’ve talked about on my blog before, I’ve been looking into beauty products that are more naturally based and therefore less damaging to my skin. I can’t stress enough the importance of paying attention to the ingredients these skin care products have in them! You can never be too informed when it comes to your face routine. And I am happy to share that this year I discovered a wonderful new brand called found that is formulated with 90-99% natural ingredients, crazy good right?

I created this blog to share my new finds and experiences, to share my real opinion on all matters concerning Fashion, Beauty and pretty much everything I find inspiring. And 3 years later it has been an amazing journey! But along with it I always want to continue being real with you my readers. This is something I’m truly excited about so I hope you find it helpful on your journey to beautiful and healthy skin! Now let’s get right into it…

FOUND Beauty Oil_Erikadvm

This new beauty brand found initially caught my eye because of their transparency simple as that. I loved how they disclose the percentage of Natural ingredients up front and center, you’ll find it in every product (which is surprisingly high) but what I really wasn’t expecting was the price point. Usually skin care brands in the same niche turn out to be really expensive but not this one. It’s currently sold at select Walmart stores, and

They have collections for every need:

  1. Brightening       4. Pore Care
  2. Clarifying           5. Sensitive
  3. Firming               * You can find more info HERE

I will go more in depth in the following months, but for now I want to focus on my current favorites and why I love them! First is the Chia Seed Oil which is 99% Natural and so light weight that it leaves my skin feeling smooth, radiant and equally important, it doesn’t feel oily on my skin after I apply my makeup (extra points for that!!). The first time I applied it I liked how it made my skin feel, but I didn’t necessarily see firmer skin right away, however I have been applying it every morning and I find that with continued use, it makes a difference! My face feels softer and my mind is at ease knowing that I’m using a product that is safe for my skin since it’s formulated without harmful parabens, MI & MIT CMIT preservatives or nanotechnology and the applicator makes easy to use just the right amount. If you’re looking to replace your face oil you might want to check this one out.


Next is theGreen Coffee Gel Eye Cream  , this one is 91% Natural which I appreciate because I’ve had my mom’s voice in my head for years about how the skin around the eyes is SO sensitive that of course I only want the most natural ingredients possible for the area and this one does the job beautifully. The ingredients in this formula soothe my skin and helps with my puffy eyes in the morning so I’ve been dying to do a review on this one. I’ve been using it on both morning and night time.

Now we can’t forget about the Lips!! Or at least I can’t because I’m one of those people that have chapped lips all year round (so annoying) and the Exfoliating Lip Scrub has come to my rescue <3 It says to use 2-3 times a week but honestly I’ve been using it more like 3-4 times a week and LOVE IT ( I haven’t seen any bad results, on the contrary, but I recommend using as instructed in packaging). The poppy seeds are light enough to not damage the skin but just enough to smooth and nourish, it’s the perfect balance and when I apply my favorite lipsticks they apply smoother so I’m sold on it.



And last but not least is of course a refreshing face mask. I specially use sheet masks on Mondays after staying up later than usual on the weekends and having spent more time under the sun. This keeps my skin from looking dull by bringing back it’s natural glow and moisture. Plus found has several but the Cucumber Sheet Mask for Sensitive Skin so it’s my No. 1 right now. This mask is 94% Natural and the Aloe Vera calms the redness on then sides of my face. After washing my face in the morning, I’ll apply this mask for about 20 min while I check my email and voilá beautiful skin to start the week! The Coconut and Argan Sheet masks feel amazing too so I would encourage you to try either as well.

These are my top favorites from found but I have many more products I want to cover so keep an eye for future posts here on the blog and on my Instagram  . Also feel free to let me know your thoughts on more natural inspired beauty brands, I’m interested to hear your experiences and if you’ve used this one before then please let me know which product you loved most by commenting below.

As always think you for reading!

xo Erika

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